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Dollars At Work

Posted on December 31, 2008. Filed under: Web World |

I know — two WebWorld posts in one day.  You’re probably wondering if I ever work, or just surf the web.  Remember, it is kind of a holiday (but yes I’m working!).

I just stumbled on this website: and am so impressed with what I saw.  Teachers from public schools across the country can submit donation requests for special projects they are wanting to do for their students.  The projects appear to range from pretty basic (markers, art supplies, etc) to a little more high tech like a new laptop.  A donor will receive a feedback package of student thank you’s, photos, and teacher impact letter.  To date, the program has given $27,000,000+ and reached almost 2 million students.  It’s definitely worth taking a look and just a few dollars can go a long way. - Give the gift of learning - Go

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20 (million) Questions

Posted on December 31, 2008. Filed under: Mommy Moments, Web World |

I must have driven my parents crazy as a child with all my questions, because even as an adult I come up with some doozies.  For example, it was very windy here yesterday and I’ve noticed on windy days the water in the toilet bowl moves — a lot.  I wanted to know why.  So I googled “why does water in the toilet bowl move on windy days” and my first search result was a website called  And yes, it did have the answer.  It’s because the vent in the plumbing system allows some air back in on windy days and makes the water move – just in case you needed to know.  So, if you have some kookie questions you need answers, or want to see what other people have come up with, check out

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Dad Would Be Proud

Posted on December 30, 2008. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

So I’m a terrible Mom and because I was getting home late last night decided to drive my kids through McDonalds.  Understand – I have terrible cognitive dissonance when it comes to McDonalds.  I personally hate it …. think it’s disgusting … can’t stand the greasy fry smell that comes out of the place.  But… the kids love it and will eat it and they are happy.  So – last night we were off to McDonalds because I needed happy kids. 

On the way ChickenFried says “Mom – can I get a Big Mac?”  Remember — the child is only 6 (and a half).  I tell him yes, but he won’t get a toy.  “Well, do they have a cheeseburger with three patties where I would get a toy?”  I busted out laughing.  Three patties.  First of all the fact that he said patties was hilarious, but then to ask for three of them.  Seriously — where do kids put this stuff?  I’ve reached the age where just looking at it (or smelling it) adds a pound. 

To end the story, he decided on a quarter pounder with cheese — and no toy.  And yes, he ate it all.

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Done With Christmas

Posted on December 28, 2008. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

 don’t mean to sound like a Bah Humbug, but understand that my husband has been listening to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving so I’m a little “over” the Christmas thing this year.  We just finished successfully removing all traces of the holidays from our house.  Of course I’ll have to get pumped up again next weekend because that’s when we are doing Christmas with my family.  Maybe we’ll just call it a holiday party and call it good!

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Play Day

Posted on December 26, 2008. Filed under: The Parenting Thing |

Punk on her new bikeThe kids had a great Christmas.  We let them hang out in their jammies all day long and just play with their new toys.  They were so busy, no one was naughty all day long.  Have to add pics when I figure out how to use the upload tool.

Hey — I figured it out.  As my three year old would say “ta duh!”


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Santa’s Job

Posted on December 23, 2008. Filed under: The Parenting Thing |

It is Christmas eve-eve and our Santa job just got a little bigger.  I was stuffing stockings while Big D was hiding in our bedroom putting Punk’s Princess Bike together…..when out of the bedroom there arose such a clatter (and words I’m sure Santa never uses) that I went to see what was the matter.  Apparently, Santa gave us a bike that had been returned because parts were broken and missing.  Did I mention it’s about 11:00 at night?  BigD mentions, if the store was still open, he’d drive the 30 minutes to go get another one.  So, I called Santa’s hotline (aka Toys R Us) remembering I’d seen an ad where they would be open late on the 23rd.  And away went BigD.  Sadly, no Princess Bike remained, but a suitable Barbie replacement was found.  And lucky for Punk, it has a spot to put a Barbie on the handle bars to ride along, so she got her first Barbie too. Whew — Santa was lucky on that one.

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Happy Birthday

Posted on December 15, 2008. Filed under: The Parenting Thing |

It was Punk’s 3-year b-day party yesterday.  She had just woken up from her nap when family was getting there, so she was shy and quiet for about 15 minutes.  Then she got up, announced “I’m ready for my birthday,” walked over to the presents and started opening.

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Do You Know Something I Don’t

Posted on December 9, 2008. Filed under: The Parenting Thing |

I’m driving my kids home and ChickenFried asks, “Mom, are you happy I’m getting bigger?”

I respond “yes, but I’ll miss you being little too.”  (Thoughts of the book I’ll Love You Forever are running through my head.)

He says “yeah, because you’re going to die.”

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