Transition Please

Posted on January 7, 2009. Filed under: The Parenting Thing |

Somewhere along the line, someone gave our Punk (3 year old daughter if you don’t want to catch-up on who’s who) a cute little Munchkin giraffe teether.  Somewhere along the line, I stupidly gave it to her.  Somewhere along the line, this became her transitional object.  It just happened so fast.  I had no warning of what this would mean because our son never became attached to anything.  Now we’re stuck in a vicous cycle where Punk must have Baby whenever she sleeps.  And her thumb, but that’s another post altogether.

Let’s talk a little about “Baby.”  We actually have two Babies.  The original was plain orange.  When I realized she was becoming the transitional object, I did what everyone recommends and tried to find a back-up should something terrible happen to Baby.  I searched stores…the web….even e-mailed Munchkin to ask if they had any in storage anywhere.  They stopped making them in the late 90’s so no luck.  One day I had a premonition to search e-bay, and what did I find there – a spotted Baby, but baby nonetheless.  I put in my bid and two days later was the owner of a very expensive Baby #2.  (I really want to know who bid against me.)

We were concerned that Baby #2 would be rejected because of the spots, so we did everything possible to make #2 like #1…..I even untied her horns because Punk likes to put her middle finger between the horns and wiggle them back and forth on her nose (don’t ask).  Thank goodness Baby #2 was accepted because shortly after Baby #1 lost all of her ‘teether legs.’ 

Now, only Baby #2 is Baby, and the old one is just the old one.  I’ve had to do surgery on Baby’s neck to keep the stuffing in.  And, she’s lost all but one teether leg.  But I think as long as she has a head and those string horns, we’ll make it.  Most experts agree that children get rid of transitional items between age 4-5.  Baby only needs to survive two more years, but I would really be ok if Punk made the decision to leave her by the way-side sooner.



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