History In the Making

Posted on January 20, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments |

I won’t try to wax philosophical about today’s events – there are plenty of other bloggers who will do that, and much better than I could anyway.  But I am reminded of a story my grandparents told me.  My grandparents were born and raised in Nebraska, but moved to Mississippi for work at the height of the Civil Rights movement.  They employed an African American woman to help around the house.  One day at lunch, my grandmother asked her to sit at the table and eat with the family.  The woman was taken aback and refused saying that if any white person in the town found out that she sat at the same table and ate with them it wouldn’t be good for her, or my grandparent’s family.  I hope that woman is still alive today and was able to watch the inauguration of Barak Obama.


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One Response to “History In the Making”

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I was there. I remember vividly the civil rights buses passing through town on I-80/ I remember the day the 3 civil rights workers disappears, and, when their bodies were found. I remember the day the Civil Rights Act was passed. That day the tables were turned…..there were no whites to be seen. Only the “colored'”. I remember the water fountains at the zoo in Jackson that were marked “white only” and “colored only”. I remember.
It is a great day in history. Whether you were there or not.

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