Little Swimmers

Posted on February 7, 2009. Filed under: The Parenting Thing |

Saturday was our swimming lessons day.  Punk has been taking lessons in a class with her friend.  They are having so much fun.  Punk loves the water… a little too much.  The first day of lessons she got in trouble for going toward the deep end.  Better to get her swimming now.  She did so good — put her head totally under the water to swim through the hula hoop.  

We went into the family locker room to get her changed after lessons, and of course she had to go potty, but didn’t want to use the big potty in there.  So, we cut over to the women’s locker room, got the wet suit off and took care of business.  Then I realized I didn’t bring the towel with us from one locker room to the other, and everyone knows how very difficult, um impossible, it is to put a wet suit on a kid.  So, I checked out if anyone was between the locker rooms and told her to run as fast as she could.  ChickenFried asked why we were laughing, and I said because Katy streaked through the pool.

Then, it was ChickenFried’s turn.  He has been another story.  He’s had ear tubes, and then when those fell out, one left a hole in his ear drum so he’s always been a little afraid to get his ears wet.  But, when he saw Punk having fun in lessons with one of the teachers, Jake, he decided he would like to try it to.  So, we asked Jake (a fun high school kid) if he would give him lessons.

After his lesson, back to the family locker room (we’d taken Punk home in between) and I realized I’d forgotten underwear for him.  I told him to just take his suit off and he’d have to go without underwear.  He started pitching a fit and said “I don’t want to go freakin.”  Um, that would be ‘streaking’ and you can put your pants on.  I can only imagine what was going through his head … that I was going to make him run naked through the Y passed all of his friends playing basketball.  Poor kid.

Today was so great – not only did Punk go under water, so did ChickenFried.  A HUGE improvement over where we’ve been in the passed.  We’re going to do a few more private lessons with Jake – a little expensive but worth it to get him over the hump.


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