No Pain, No Gain

Posted on February 28, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments |

So, about those pesky painkillers.  Yeah — I am glad we have such a thing, but man they do not do good things to me.  The first surgery the doc gave me vicadin.  I took one and felt like I was “The Sentinel” — you know, where you could hear and see and feel everything.  The hypersensitivity was insane.  I only took two of them and went on to Advil.

The second surgery, the doc gave me Percocet.   Percocet is in the morphine family.  Percocet does take away the pain, and no hypersensitivity but man did I itch.  I seriously scratched my legs and back raw.  And after four days on it, I couildn’t even focus my eyes to talk to my husband.  I wanted it out of my system so badly that I called one of the drug rehab facilities and asked them how they clean out people’s systems.  Lots of water and try to speed up your metabolism by doing any kind of exercise.  I did drink lots of water.

I discovered I’d rather just take Advil and hurt a little than feel yucky from the pain meds.


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