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Fun Photo Challenge – Day 1

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Not to follow the pack or anything, but my something new is flowers as well.

Day 1 – Something New:  I decided on the first spring flower in our yard.  It’s something we all look forward to seeing.  And, thank goodness the forecast for snow is now out.  Oh wait – it’s back in.  No, it’s out…..?


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Dr Evil Laugh

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ChickenFried and Punk are playing as I’m working on the computer.  There is a tussle over “baby” and ChickenFried says “I’m not going to give her back if you’re going to hit me again.”  Out of Punk’s mouth comes a Dr. Evil laugh.  I would say she was definitely going to hit him again.

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Good Job

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It’s always amazing to see what kids pick up on….and even more so to see what they regurgitate.  BigD caught Punk singing “if you see my face hope it give you hell…” song the other day.  I think I would have paid to hear that in her little voice, but don’t really want to ask her to repeat it!

Amusingly, Punk has started saying little phrases to us that we say to her or her brother.  For example, I was putting my shoes on the other morning and then hear her say “good job mommy. good job.”  I was almost offended – good job….why couldn’t I put my shoes on?  I quickly caught myself and cracked up at the fact she was complimenting me on an action that is muscle memory for adults, but concentration-worthy for kids.

Then last night one of us must have said no to Punk and she kept right on doing whatever we had said no to.  ChickenFried felt compelled to step in and parent saying “we’re going to teach you the meaning of the word no!”  BigD and I just stood looking at him and then followed up with – “when YOU learn the meaning of it, you can teach someone else.”

This morning I got a “be careful Mommy.  Don’t hurt your fingers at work.” from Punk.  (I had pinched my finger between two rocks the past weekend.)  Ok honey – I won’t get any papercuts or strains while typing!

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Fun Photo Challenge

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My friend Amber’s blog has issued a photo challenge.  Follow the link above and start participating next week.  Come back here to check my postings for the challenge.

I love what she has picked for the challenge.  One of the items is the view out your front door.  Realistically, not something you have a photo of (unless you look out at the Royal Gorge or something), but it’s a great memory. 

Have your kids get in on the action and take/post their own pictures!

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Not sure where the name came from, but the site is pretty cool. is where real people go and post their reviews of restaurants, stores, service providers, etc. My favorite restaurant in Omaha made the top of the review list – Flatiron.

If you’re wanting to explore your own area a little more, or going somewhere new, this is a great place to stop in first.

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Ultimate Blog Party Prizes

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Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Caught this on my friend A’s blog:  Considering she wins stuff all the time, I figured I’d try myself.

So……here is my wish list in order of preference:

#1 – USC 22 Amber Alert System.   I actually thought of this product and tried to pitch it to Garmin a few years ago but they wouldn’t take product submissions from outside their company. 

#2 – USC 21 Fotomural – Very cool.   Going to have to see if they do wholesale and put it on Elemental Baby.

#3 – 4 T-shirt from tottieBEAN

#4 – 42 gift certificate from JuJu Beane

And seriously — any of the Target gift cards.  Who can’t spend money at Target pretty much any time.

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What a Week

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It has been a crazy week in our household.

Monday – ChickenFried woke up and I could tell his was warm.  Yep, fever was 102.6.  So I stayed home and took him to the doctor.  They did the official check (by getting a snot swab) and it was influenza type A.  Apparently those shots you get are only good for four months and we got ours in October.  And, there’s a good chance we’ll all get it so we get the Tamiflu for everyone.  That’s a nice pharmacy bill.

Tuesday – ChickenFried was miraculously better so I took him to school late.  I met up with his teacher in the hallway and asked that he sit out of PE and recess.  She kindly reminded me it was going to be so nice outside.  Because she was going to be watching at recess I reluctantly agreed to let him go out.  I should have listened to my gut.  He got irritated that another kid was chasing him around so he turned around and kicked the other child in the nuggets.  And… because I’d asked her to keep an eye on him, she saw it all.  Off he went to the principal’s office, and I needn’t worry about him running around at recess for the next two days.

Wednesday – Punk wakes up with a fever and sore throat.   BigD and I split our days at work.

Thursday – Punk is still sick, so BigD and I again split our days.  I’m at home in the afternoon when the phone rings…and it’s the school.  Apparently the same child that Carter kicked on Monday he thought he should hit today.  Seriously?

Friday – ChickenFried now has an ear infection and Punk is screaming that her throat hurts.  So, back to the dr with both of them, and two more co-pays, and two more pharmacy bills. 

Is this week over yet?????

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Math Worksheets

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ChickenFried wanted to do some practice math worksheets tonight.   Initially I was thrilled.  It would keep him busy for a while.  It was a good learning activity which made me feel like a great mom.  So, I did a quick search of the web for 1st grade math worksheets.  The results were not so great.  There was one here, or one there.  One was too easy, and the other too hard. 

Then I found the ‘SuperKids” website.  It has a virtually unlimited number of math worksheets….because you “build” your own with a few simple selections.   Change one selection, and you have a completely new worksheet.   What I love even more is as he gets older and into more complicated math, it also generates an answer sheet for you!  Check it out at  Talk back – let me know what you think.

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Main Street Cafe

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As a follow-up to my weekend post, below is a great story on Main Street Cafe in Louisville NE.  The cafe was also featured in the Omaha World Herald a few months ago for having  one of the best pork tenderloin sandwiches in the area.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop in.   I promise, I’m not getting paid for this!

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That was a fun day…

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Yesterday was one of the first nice days on the weekend in the midwest, so we decided to do an outdoor activity.  We took the kiddos to Schramm and Aquarium.  The Aquarium is worth the whole $3.00 it costs to get in.  Then we headed to the hiking trails. 

BigD smartly advised we change into our boots when we get there in case it’s muddy (and the last time we hiked there ChickenFried stepped in dog poop.  The first part of the hike is a major hill — up.  We are all winded by the top of it, and BigD ended up carrying Punk because she couldn’t keep up.  Then we started onto the real trail.  And then it got muddy.  ChickenFried thought it was hilarious that he could just slide down the hill standing up like he was skiing on mud.  What he didn’t think about is that you fall sometimes when you ski.  The mud was so thick and deep it made a suction when he stood back up.  His one entire outer leg was caked in mood and his one hand was covered.  Then he started whining that it was cold, and his boots hurt, and he was tired and wanted to go home.   Then Punk was whining that she didn’t like walking in the mud, so BigD carried her again.   Yep – we were having fun then!


After the hike, we stopped in Louisville at my friend’s place – the “Main Street Cafe.”  It is a really neat place.  They have a bunch of historical photos from the early years in the town.  And, the food is great.

We started to head home, but the kids spotted the local park so we stopped to let them play for a while.  On the way home we heard ChickenFried say “That was a fun day…” followed by Punk’s “yeah” agreement.  Apparently falling in the mud wasn’t all that bad.

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