That was a fun day…

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Yesterday was one of the first nice days on the weekend in the midwest, so we decided to do an outdoor activity.  We took the kiddos to Schramm and Aquarium.  The Aquarium is worth the whole $3.00 it costs to get in.  Then we headed to the hiking trails. 

BigD smartly advised we change into our boots when we get there in case it’s muddy (and the last time we hiked there ChickenFried stepped in dog poop.  The first part of the hike is a major hill — up.  We are all winded by the top of it, and BigD ended up carrying Punk because she couldn’t keep up.  Then we started onto the real trail.  And then it got muddy.  ChickenFried thought it was hilarious that he could just slide down the hill standing up like he was skiing on mud.  What he didn’t think about is that you fall sometimes when you ski.  The mud was so thick and deep it made a suction when he stood back up.  His one entire outer leg was caked in mood and his one hand was covered.  Then he started whining that it was cold, and his boots hurt, and he was tired and wanted to go home.   Then Punk was whining that she didn’t like walking in the mud, so BigD carried her again.   Yep – we were having fun then!


After the hike, we stopped in Louisville at my friend’s place – the “Main Street Cafe.”  It is a really neat place.  They have a bunch of historical photos from the early years in the town.  And, the food is great.

We started to head home, but the kids spotted the local park so we stopped to let them play for a while.  On the way home we heard ChickenFried say “That was a fun day…” followed by Punk’s “yeah” agreement.  Apparently falling in the mud wasn’t all that bad.


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