What a Week

Posted on March 20, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

It has been a crazy week in our household.

Monday – ChickenFried woke up and I could tell his was warm.  Yep, fever was 102.6.  So I stayed home and took him to the doctor.  They did the official check (by getting a snot swab) and it was influenza type A.  Apparently those shots you get are only good for four months and we got ours in October.  And, there’s a good chance we’ll all get it so we get the Tamiflu for everyone.  That’s a nice pharmacy bill.

Tuesday – ChickenFried was miraculously better so I took him to school late.  I met up with his teacher in the hallway and asked that he sit out of PE and recess.  She kindly reminded me it was going to be so nice outside.  Because she was going to be watching at recess I reluctantly agreed to let him go out.  I should have listened to my gut.  He got irritated that another kid was chasing him around so he turned around and kicked the other child in the nuggets.  And… because I’d asked her to keep an eye on him, she saw it all.  Off he went to the principal’s office, and I needn’t worry about him running around at recess for the next two days.

Wednesday – Punk wakes up with a fever and sore throat.   BigD and I split our days at work.

Thursday – Punk is still sick, so BigD and I again split our days.  I’m at home in the afternoon when the phone rings…and it’s the school.  Apparently the same child that Carter kicked on Monday he thought he should hit today.  Seriously?

Friday – ChickenFried now has an ear infection and Punk is screaming that her throat hurts.  So, back to the dr with both of them, and two more co-pays, and two more pharmacy bills. 

Is this week over yet?????


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