Good Job

Posted on March 27, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing | Tags: |

It’s always amazing to see what kids pick up on….and even more so to see what they regurgitate.  BigD caught Punk singing “if you see my face hope it give you hell…” song the other day.  I think I would have paid to hear that in her little voice, but don’t really want to ask her to repeat it!

Amusingly, Punk has started saying little phrases to us that we say to her or her brother.  For example, I was putting my shoes on the other morning and then hear her say “good job mommy. good job.”  I was almost offended – good job….why couldn’t I put my shoes on?  I quickly caught myself and cracked up at the fact she was complimenting me on an action that is muscle memory for adults, but concentration-worthy for kids.

Then last night one of us must have said no to Punk and she kept right on doing whatever we had said no to.  ChickenFried felt compelled to step in and parent saying “we’re going to teach you the meaning of the word no!”  BigD and I just stood looking at him and then followed up with – “when YOU learn the meaning of it, you can teach someone else.”

This morning I got a “be careful Mommy.  Don’t hurt your fingers at work.” from Punk.  (I had pinched my finger between two rocks the past weekend.)  Ok honey – I won’t get any papercuts or strains while typing!


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