Then Why Are You Naked?

Posted on April 13, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

Sleepwalking runs in BigD’s family so we weren’t totally surprised when ChickenFried took up the sport.  We’ve caught him trying to unlock the basement door…. “looking” for the bathroom, etc.  Last week was his topper.

BigD and I are sitting on the couch enjoying some late night tv (you know — around 9:15).  We hear a thump come from the kids’ bedroom.  We didn’t hear any crying so figured they just hit the wall or something.  Back to the show.   Then a few minutes late, the same “thump.” 

“That was the shower door” I say looking at BigD.  Even though I was snugly nestled beneath my tv viewing blankie, he motioned that it was my turn to get up.  So off I went.  I look into the bathroom and ChickFried is going potty.  I was very quiet so as to not disturb and cause any type of accidents.  When he’s done I say “whatcha doin?”

“Going potty” he mumbles.

“Then why are you naked?” I ask.  He looks at me like I am completely nuts and starts to walk to bed.  I did manage to stop him and help get his jammies back on and send him off to bed.

As  I looked back at the night, I remembered telling him he probably could have used a shower because he was sweaty.  That must have stuck in his head and on his little sleepwalking adventure, he was bound and determined to take a shower!


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