How Was Vegas

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Yes, I’m late in getting this post out there, but isn’t the saying better late than never??

Vegas was great.  BigD and I had a little getaway thanks to MIL L. 

Day 1, I walked so much I had blisters … brilliant.  So we are going to meet a couple of BigD’s colleagues for dinner and I beg him to get a cab because I don’t think I can walk the 2 blocks in my killer new 4 inch heels.   We had a wonderful dinner at The Palm.   And in a hilarious small world moment, I saw a handful of people from a prior life. 

Day 2, I walked so much I had more blisters … brilliant, especially considering the main reason for walking was to shop and find some new shoes that wouldn’t give me blisters.  Punk was the big winner of the shopping spree.  Had a decent dinner at Del Toro, the Ferrari restaurant.  Yes, you sit and eat Italian while looking at the Ferrari collection.  Then, if you want to pay $10, you can go in and actually touch them.  We passed.  Started to walk some more, but BigD wasn’t feeling all that great, so we had an early night in. 

Day 3, off to Red Rock to go hiking.  And no — no blisters.  Hiking boots don’t give you blisters!  We heard about a trail with a mountain pool, so we set out.  As we were going, we kept watching the storm clouds come in over the back range.


As we got to the top (or what we assumed was the top) the wind really picked up and we started seeing some snow.  We get to the real top, see the mountain pool, and get nailed….. with sleet.  Cold, wet, windy, sleet.  It’s then that BigD figures out the trail isn’t a loop, but rather a hike in/out.  I’m not sure how he missed that since the dotted line on the trail map ends?  We now have to make our way back down the mountain – the wet, slick mountain, while being pelted by sleet.  I had to take my glasses off because they were so covered in ice.  By the time we got to the bottom (rather uneventfully considering the conditions), we were both soaked.  The storm had moved in and the sun came out, so by the time we got to the car, we were almost dry.  Just crazy.  We ended up hiking another trail, this time down into the valley with a pretty stream, and flowers.


We had an awesome dinner at Postrio, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant.  And, a wonderful wine, Sant’Elena Pino Grigio.  After, we walked around the hotel (Palazzo) which is connected to the Venetian, and took some pics. 



I won’t bore you with the details of our excuriating trip home.  Just know we should have been home at 2:30, but got home at 9:00.  United thought they should cancel 30% of their flights.  Thanks United!

Would I recommend Vegas???  Here’s the thing.  There are a ton of different things to do (I’m bummed we didn’t see a show), but the people and smoke are very frustrating.  The trip to the mountains definitely made the trip for me.  Ok, and the food!


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