What – I’m Not Smart Enough

Posted on April 21, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing | Tags: , , , |

We’re sitting at dinner at Carter starts in on the unanswerable questions that can make a halfway intelligent person feel pretty dumb.  But then he really put the icing on the cake……

“Mom, how old would the oldest person be in days that was first.”


“Well, how old is God?”

“Honey – I don’t know.  Only God knows that.”

“Well, how old is the world?”

“Um, millions of years, but I don’t know exactly.”

“Who was the first person born and how old would he be in days?”

“The Bible says Adam, but no one really knows because they didn’t record history back then.”

Momentary silence.  I thought maybe I’d passed the test.  Then,

“Mom, who’s the smartest person?”

“I would guess that Einstein was right up there.”

“Is he still alive?”

“No, he died a while ago.”

“Well who’s the smartest person who is still alive?”

“Maybe Stephen Hawking.”

“Can we ask him who the first person was and how old they would be?”

And there you have it.  I have been judged not smart enough to answer questions by my almost 7 year old.  Apparently we need to strike up a relationship with Stephen Hawking, so it’s a good thing his infection is clearing up.

By the way, science judges the world to be around 4.5 billion years old, and Lucy is dated to be the oldest human ancestor fossil found.  She is dated to around 5.5 million years ago – that’s 20,075,000,000,000 days.  Yes, Google helped 🙂


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