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Saturday 9: Uninvited

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1. Do you mind people to show up uninvited?

Most of the time, yes.  Our house always has kid crap laying all over.  I guarantee I’ve become permanently distracted from cleaning the kitchen after dinner….and I’ve probably got pj’s on.

2. Last person you talked to on the phone?

Believe it or not, someone from work on Friday morning.  I left work early and the fam and I headed to KC for an overnight vacay … more on that later.

3. Last person on your missed call list?

Hilariously, the same person I referenced above.  I was actually avoiding his call because I knew he was calling me about something I have zero control over and he just wanted to bitch.  I kind of figured since I’d already listened to him complain 42 minutes this week, I’d filled my quota.  But then I saw him trying to call a couple of other people in the area and figured I’d better answer.

4. Who calls you the most?

BigD … and always when I’m either eating, or at the checkout trying to pay for something.

5. What is your favorite song about breaking up?

Love hurts  – not that I’ve broken up with anyone for ummm over 10 years.

6. If someone sent you an unexpected gift, what would you like it to be?

Well, it would be nice if someone rich sent me a lot of money that I never had to pay back.  Anyone ….. anyone????

7. Your classic rock station plays the top songs of all time. What is number one?

I can’t pick a top classic rock song.  I think I mentioned I got an MP3 player for Mother’s Day.  I already have over 8 hours of classic rock loaded.  Seriously – how can I even know that many songs…and I know them.  I sing along.  Maybe that’s where my memory has gone – I always thought the kids caused my memory loss.

8. Do you live for today or tomorrow?

What is today?  I’m always thinking “what’s next.”

9. What movie villain scared you as a kid?

No clue, but Mr Howell from Gilligan’s island did always give me the creeps.  I couldn’t stand the accent.
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Prayers for MP

Posted on May 27, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

A little guy that goes to daycare with our kiddos is very sick.  He’s about 1 1/2 years old and just cute as can be.  He happens to remind us a lot of Carter at that age.   MP is in the hospital with HUS – a serious kidney illness.  He really needs all the thoughts, well wishes and prayers everyone can muster.

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A Memorial Day Thank You

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This is Harrison Waite – my great-great-great grandfather.  When he was 16 years old, he ran away from home in Maine to join the Civil War.  He fought for the North (in case you aren’t up on your military garb).









arnold uniformThis is my grandfather, Arnold Wayne Waite.  He fought in WWII in the South Pacific.  He was part of the 808 Corps of Engineers and helped build airstrips in Australia and New Guinea.   One particular story I remember is a small group of friends who would play cards every night.  They were heading off in the morning to their posts.  One friend was standing on the side of the work vehicle.  While they were driving, his friend got knocked off the vehicle by the brush and run over by the next vehicle.  They didn’t play cards that night.





















BigD’s Grandpa Charles also fought in WWII in the European theater.  He told us a story this past weekend that we hadn’t heard before.  He and two of his friends were flying back east before they were deployed.  They asked him to go along to navigate, and he agreed as long as they would drop him off in PA before they went on to Maine.  They did.  Their plane crashed shortly before getting to their destination.  Charles went on to become a Chief Master Sergeant. 

Thank you to all who have served, and all who have lost.

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That’s where you put your head?

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The kids and I are venturing onto the deck last night.  I yank back on the sliding door pretty hard because it sticks.  About 3/4 of the way open it hits something with a loud thunk….then I hear a wimper….  For some very unexplainable reason ChickenFried decided to lean his head against the door so he could see how it looked between the space when the door opened.  I laughed so hard I snorted – several times.  Makes me want to laugh again right now.

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1. Is summer your favorite season? Why?
I do like warm weather, but HATE humidity.  I know there are people out there shocked to learn that NE and IA (that’s Nebraska, not New England, and yes I have been asked that), but it gets terrible and I think we might be in for some today.  I also liked the relaxed feeling of summer.  You never feel in a rush to get anywhere or do anything. 

2. Do you exercise more in the summer because you wear less clothing?

3. Do you enjoy tanning or are you more concerned about the dangers of basking in the sun?

Yes – must tan.  It somewhat camoflouges the fact that I don’t really exercise that much.


4. You are on the beach when a waiter appears for your drink order. What do you ask for?

Any type of Rita


5. Do you camp in the summertime?

 No.  The last time I went camping I was 15.  It was my parents (my step-dad is 6’4 280 lbs, stinky little brother (he’s passed that phase now) and two boxers.   In a tent.   In July.  I don’t know who snored louder or smelled more. 

Amusing side-story.  My SD and brother (he was probably 7 at the time) were cleaning fish and the other guy there cleaning burps really loud.  When he remembers someone else is there he apologizes.  Brother says, “that’s ok, my dad burps and farts all the time and then blames it on the dogs.”  It was true.

6. What was your favorite summer vacation as a kid?

I was fortunate to be a well-traveled kid (above memory not withstanding).  I have to say I loved going to the Black Hills.  We went every year and it was just something to look forward to.

7. Do you enjoy sleeping outdoors?
Why would anyone enjoy sleeping outdoors?
8. Do you throw a summer barbecue every year?

Usually – we cook out almost every night in the summer.

9. Have you ever been to a nude beach? If yes, what did you think?

No, but it wouldn’t bother me.  Although I might actually have to partake of #2…. or maybe just a lot of #4 and then I wouldn’t care.

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Oh where have you been darling CrisDee?

Posted on May 23, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

Two weeks of complete insanity.

Soccer, baseball, cf’s b-day, Punk sick with tonsillitis (tonsillectomy to follow), 1st grade program, last day of school….oh yeah, and work!!!  Sorry for the absence, but other things were calling.

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Happy 7th B-day ChickenFried

Posted on May 18, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |


I can’t believe it, but my little baby is now 7 years old.  Actually, I’m quite sure this is wrong.  Doesn’t that mean he’s 49 in dog years? 

He sure isn’t this little guy anymore.  He’s into shooting rockets on the roof just to watch BigD have to get the ladder and get them down.  He’s into kicking the soccer ball as far as he can.  He’s into hitting the baseball as far as he can.  He’s into watching the actual Superman and Spiderman and Iron Man movies and not the cartoons. 

He’s 7.  That’s the cusp of being a big kid.  The cusp of leaving little kid things behind, like sleeping with stuffed Garfield.

He has the wisdom of a 7 year old.  “Mom, just leave her alone.  She’s crabby.”  or, “Mom, if you’re already going outside you can just feed Scout.”  or “I’m going to give a birthday cookie to my principal.”

Yep – he’s our Little Big Man.  Happy Birthday Big Man.  We’ve loved you for 7+ years and we’ll love you for all the rest you can throw at us.

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There ARE Trails For That

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We live a rather hilly part of Iowa, which apparently makes for good bike riding — both the motorcycle and pedal kind.  But the kind I’m referring to today is pedal biking. 

Now – here’s what I don’t understand.  This morning within 10 miles of curvy winding hilly roads, I counted 75 bikers on the highway.  A 2-lane highway without much of a shoulder.  Why.  WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY????? Yet here they are wearing their stupid day-glo nylon clothes with butt pads.  Yes, this irritates me greatly.  I honestly don’t know why they are allowed on highways, especially ones like this.  The state posts minimum speeds for cars.  Why?  Because it’s dangerous to have people on the roads going slower than the minimum speed.  I seriously would support a law to get bikers off the highways and back onto the trails where they belong.  Where it is safer for everyone. 

Yeah – I probably po’d a few people with this.  Guess what.  I don’t care.  Get off the roads until you learn to pedal 60 mph.

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Mother’s Day Gift

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Although I did get the gift I’d ‘suggested’ for Mother’s Day, my favorite gift was from ChickenFried.  They did a project at school that answered questions about their mom.  Here are his answers:

What is your Mom’s name: Crissdee (ok, it’s really CrisDee, but I get it – it’s a little tough to spell correctly)

What is her age? 29 (thanks dude….could I really pass for 29?  Hey  – the pictures only 1.5 years old.)


What is the color of your mother’s hair?  Blond

What is her favorite color?  Green

What is her favorite thing to do around the house?  Plant

What is your mom’s favorite drink?  Wine  (Good call, but I’m a little embarrassed he didn’t come up with a non-alcoholic drink.)

What is her favorite thing to eat?  Pizza

What is her favorite TV show?  Funnyist Videeoos  (that just happens to be the only show we watch with the kids.  Who can’t laugh at someone falling?)

What is her favorite thing to coo?  cookees

What is your mother’s favorite candy bar? hershees

What time does your mother get up?  7:30 (if only that were every day)

What time does she go to bed? 10:00

How long does it take for your mom to get ready?  2 Horers (seriously?  I may not look like it but I’m pretty low maintenance.  I can get ready in 30 minutes if need be.)

What is your mother’s shoe size? 9

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Saturday 9 – With a Little Help From My Friends

Posted on May 9, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments |

1. How many of your friendships have lasted more than ten years?
More than a handful.
2. Which of your current friends do you feel will still be important to you ten years from now?

Most of them – I’m pretty picky when it comes to friends, so once you’re in, you’re in.  You know, unless you do something to irritate me.

3. It’s Friday evening and you’re planning your weekend. What’s on your agenda?

I like to go with the flow, but laundry is on the to-do list every weekend.  And now that it’s “summer” — looking forward to being out side.

4. What was the most recent movie to scare you or give you the creeps?

Most “scary” movies are so stupid they laughable.  BUT, Signs still gives me the creeps when I watch it.  I come from the country and believe me, corn fields at night are creepy.  They are so huge — you have no idea what is in them.  Large barns – also creepy at night.  The movie pulls together some really great elements to suggest that things are wrong, and pretty soon the hair on my neck is standing on end.

5. Finally, the new cast and movie of Star Trek are out. Excited or indifferent?

Have I mentioned I’m a geek – I love sci fi. 

6. Do you have any nervous habits?

I have a hard time sitting still and I’m always moving one of my legs or feet.  If I’m sitting barefoot, I’ll rub my toes together and criss-cross them which drives BigD insane.  Hilariously, our little Punk has the habit as well.

7. Do you swear in general?

Now that we have kids, I’ve really tried to curb the habit, but I do have a couple of favorites that sneak out now and then.  Shit, and the f-bomb.

8. Do you swear on your blog?

This was my first time.  I’m no longer a blog non-swearing virgin.  Should I cry now?

9. Does it bother you when you read a post with curse words?

Depends – if used appropriately….meaning they are key to the story, no.  But when they are thrown in for the heck of it, what’s the point.

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