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Our little girl Punk has such beautiful hair.  She has since birth.  It curls in ringlets and is a beautiful golden blonde.  But, it was getting REALLY long … if you streched out the curls it went all the way to the bottom of her back.  And it’s very heavy and I’m sure hot.  So, I took Punk for a big haircut today.  Stacey cut off about 4 inches from the back.  And, I found just the perfect curl to save.    Of course I’d forgotten my baggie in the car so I borrowed a piece of foil!  Now I just need to save the curl and I wanted to share my preferred method. 

First, group the hair together.  Do this while it is still wet so it holds together better.  You can use the small “invisible” hair rubber bands, or raffia curling ribbon.  Don’t use regular ribbon because it’s too slick and won’t grip the hair. 

Fingernail glue.  Yep – the paintbrush glue.  This stuff sticks and with the polish brush makes it very easy to control.  First, brush a small bit of glue where you want to affix one end of the hair.  Press the hair into place making sure to not get the glue on your fingers.  Then ‘paint’ the end of the hair into place.  Hold in place for about a minute.  Believe me when I saw you’ll rip the page before you tear any of the hair loose.


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I wanna see her new cut!!! Oh, I work with you in the nursery in the am, i bet i’ll see her at church!

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