Mother’s Day Gift

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Although I did get the gift I’d ‘suggested’ for Mother’s Day, my favorite gift was from ChickenFried.  They did a project at school that answered questions about their mom.  Here are his answers:

What is your Mom’s name: Crissdee (ok, it’s really CrisDee, but I get it – it’s a little tough to spell correctly)

What is her age? 29 (thanks dude….could I really pass for 29?  Hey  – the pictures only 1.5 years old.)


What is the color of your mother’s hair?  Blond

What is her favorite color?  Green

What is her favorite thing to do around the house?  Plant

What is your mom’s favorite drink?  Wine  (Good call, but I’m a little embarrassed he didn’t come up with a non-alcoholic drink.)

What is her favorite thing to eat?  Pizza

What is her favorite TV show?  Funnyist Videeoos  (that just happens to be the only show we watch with the kids.  Who can’t laugh at someone falling?)

What is her favorite thing to coo?  cookees

What is your mother’s favorite candy bar? hershees

What time does your mother get up?  7:30 (if only that were every day)

What time does she go to bed? 10:00

How long does it take for your mom to get ready?  2 Horers (seriously?  I may not look like it but I’m pretty low maintenance.  I can get ready in 30 minutes if need be.)

What is your mother’s shoe size? 9

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