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Water Logged Dog

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IMG_3225IMG_3221Our dog, Scout, is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  Therefore, he loves the water.  We try to take him to the ponds around us, but he doesn’t like getting in the truck, so it’s kind of a chore.   We bought him a tub to put water in which keeps him relatively happy. 

He’s so funny when he’s in the tub (or pool in the background).  He puts his whole head under water.  He takes his paws and splashes, just like a kid would do with their hands.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    You do not want to be around when he shakes….

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Hostile Takeover

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We live in the country – not on a farm, but 12 acres.  Enough to be dangerous, as in snakes, bugs, and nasty weeds.  I glanced out the window and noticed the weeds had taken over my hill in a big way.  So yestereday morning I attacked.   It took 3 hours, but I did get all weeds pulled.  And it is satisfying to see your accomplishment – instant gratification.   Ignore the dead bodies still lying on the ground.  We’ll have a funeral pyre tonight.

flower before



Before – see those nasty weeds.   They have thorns.


afterAfter – now you can see the flowers, although the

Salvias are punched down from the drenching

rain we had the night before.

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Saturday 9 – I Want You Back

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[jackson_five_iwyb.jpg]1. Where were you when you heard that Michael Jackson died?   At home – I hadn’t watched tv or looked at the news all day and BigD walked in and said “wow, Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett both dead in one day.”  I was pretty shocked at the whole MJ thing.

2. How do you think that he will be remembered?  A mix – as a freak who made some pretty decent music back in the early 80’s.

3. What was your favorite Jackson tune?   I can’t say I have one — sorry.

4. Did you watch the original Charlie’s Angels?    Oh yes.  I LOVED Charlie’s Angels.  I was pretty young, so frankly can’t believe my parents let me watch it!  I used to run around pretending I was a Charlie’s Angel. 

5. Did someone you know have that poster of Farrah?   BigD had THE poster (not that I knew him at that time.)   His mom wouldn’t have approved so he hid it in the closet.   He would like me to clarify that he did not have a Michael Jackson poster … neither did I!


6. Did you consider her battle with cancer heroic?  I think anyone who battles cancer is heroic.  I had a little scare earlier this year and I kept thinking – I can deal with two surgeries, but please don’t let me have to get chemo.  Thankfully I only had a few bad cells which they could get out via surgery.  Chemo is nasty stuff.  Cancer is nasty stuff.  I pray for a heart attack.

7. Were you a fan of The Tonight Show Starring Johnnie Carson?   Yes, huge fan.  Again, can’t believe my parents let me watch it as a kid, but whatever! 

8. Did you like Ed McMahon on the show?  I watched for Johnnie.  He was from Nebraska, about 40 minutes from where I grew up. 

9. What else will you remember McMahon for?  Star Search and his big-ass glasses.

Image: Ed McMahon

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Old Is New

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Many (many) years ago, this was my favorite toy.   I delighted in winding the knob.  Each click meant another minute of the music.  I was fascinated that little bumps on the record were what made the sound and spent hours trying to figure out how it worked.  When I finally made my expert determination I tried to make my own records with bumps out of paper, rather unsuccessfully. 

When ChickenFried started to get interested in toys I searched high and low for MY fisher price record player, to no avail.  It was lost, hopefully to another child’s hands and not the trash.  So, I did what any toy-searching person would and looked to e-bay.  I would hazard a guess that I paid more for this used toy than it cost new, but can you put a price on memories? 

Due to the sentimental ‘value’ of this particular toy, it stays on a shelf in a closet.  ChickenFried and Punk must ask to play with it, and so they treat it with great reverance.  This toy doesn’t get thrown or stood on.  They carefully place each record, twist the knob and place the arm.  Every song must be played at least once.   Maybe it’s a nod to The Sound of Music, but my favorite is still Edelweiss.

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How We Mess Up Our Kids

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The lazy days of summer have invaded our house, maybe a little too much?

The kids were getting ready to head out into the sprinkler and I really didn’t want to hunt down their swim suits and then help them get dressed so I said “just go in your underwear, or just go naked.”  Ok was their excited response.  Their clothes came off and out they went, naked as can be.  Now let me clarify that you can’t see our house/yard from any of the houses around so we aren’t going for exhibition here — just easy.

A few nights later, the kids were out in the sprinkler again, this time with swim suits on.  Punk has to go potty.  I really don’t want to take her inside, take off her wet suit, help her go pee, put the wet suit back on and go back out …. so we tell her to pee through her suit and we’ll wash her off with the hose.  Yes, yes we did.  And yes, yes she did.  And it worked out fine.

There may be times our kids look back at these days with happiness, but I’m quite sure we have the makings of some therapy sessions here.  “My parents didn’t even care enough about me to send me inside to go to the bathroom.  They made me pee in my swimsuit.”

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Saturday 9 Meme – Never Say Never Again

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 1. Do you like James Bond films? If yes, what’s your favorite?    

Yes – I’ve always been a James Bond fan.  Although I wasn’t thrilled with the pick of Daniel Crag, I did really like the last one – Quantom of Silence.  From Russia With Love is a good one too.  Just so James Bondish.

2. Are you daring enough to go snorkeling in the water fountain at the mall?   

Am I 19?  No.  Don’t know if you saw the viral You Tube video of kids jumping into the Bass Pro Shop fish tank.  They are BigD’s cousins kids.

3. Do you sometimes hate everything and everyone around you?

Really?  Doesn’t everyone?  Am I supposed to turn into James Bond now?

4. Do you secretly or openly believe the world revolves around you?

I have two children who openly express every minute of the day that the world revolves around them.  I have no chance anymore.

5. Would you rather buy a moped or a Harley Davidson?

Love Harley’s new ad campaign focused on women.  Can I be Tricia Helfer for just one day …. please?  I think BigD would be ok with that trade-off.

6. Do you water ski or ice ski?    

Ummmm – Ice ski?  Never heard of it, unless you’re in the east?   I prefer powder of about 6 to 8 inches on the Back Bowl at Vail.  But alas, BigD gets altitude sickness so not sure when I’ll hit the slopes any time soon.

7. Tell us about the last time that you tailgated.

I’m not really a tailgaiter.   Get there, get in, get out.
8. What was the last concert that you attended?

Neil Young.   Yes really.   The dude can still rock.  The show is a little clunky and would prefer they wouldn’t go into long, drawn out guitar/drum solos, but otherwise pretty decent.

9. What’s the most exotic food that you’ve ate?

I am the worst person when it comes to food.  I am not adventurous at all.  When I go to a restaurant, I order the same thing because that’s what I like at that restaurant.  I have tried calamari … couldn’t get passed the consistency.  I’ve had tuna tar tar with wasabi.  It was pretty good.

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Father’s Day Activity

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Remember that special little treat Carter made me for Mother’s Day – the one where he answered questions about me?  Well I loved it so much I made one for Father’s Day for everyone to print out and use.  

Have your kiddos complete the sheet, and have your hubby complete the dad one.  Then compare answers!  I can virtually guarantee some laughs. 

Moms – secretly complete one of your own and see how you do compared to the hubby’s.  But throw it away if it’s too far off.  I don’t need to the the source of any Father’s Day fights!

Kid’s Sheet

Dad’s Sheet

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Mother of the Year

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I soooooo win Mother of the Year from my performance last night. 

ChickenFried has a baseball game, at which BigD is the 1st base coach.   I was between home and first on the fenceline talking to another Mom when ChickenFried was up to bat the first time.   The next time I looked he was in the dugout, so I figured he struck-out.  I say something to BigD when he comes off the field and he looks at me like I’m nuts and says “he didn’t strike out- he hit a triple.”  Oh.  Missed it.

Meanwhile, Punk had been playing between the stands and in the little sandbox with the other kids.  I’d peek at her every once in a while and make sure she was staying out of trouble. 

After a few mintues, I peek — and there’s no Punk …. anywhere.  I really start looking around all the stands, where the other kids are.  I’m about ready to ask the dads standing behind me if they saw where she went when I hear “Cris” from first base.  Yep – Punk had run around the stands and fence to go to her daddy at first base.   

What was I doing while she disappeared?  Talking.  Again.

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Baseball and Summer

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One of my favorite things to do during the summer was sit at baseball games eating sunflower seeds and drinking cream soda.  Really.  There is just something about baseball that no other sport has. It’s part sport and part atmosphere.  It’s nostalgic.  It’s American.  It’s summer.  It takes an otherwise boring night in a small town and livens it up.

Every year Omaha hosts the mother of all college baseball tournaments — the College World Series.   Talk about livening things up — the city is abuzz.  

Once the final teams are announced, the fans start streaming in.  You don’t have to watch ESPN to know what teams made it — just look at the license plates entering town on I-80. 

Then the tents start popping up all along 13th street.  There are hospitality tents to entertain visitors Omaha companies have paid to bring and show off for.  There are retail tents where you can find any baseball tee shirt, jersey, or memorabilia.  There are food stands.  And there are parties.  People in the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium make thousands of dollars by letting people park on their yards and in their driveways.  It is organized chaos and it is beautiful. 

While you are at the game, you can celebrity watch (Kevin Coster is guaranteed when Fullerton makes the cut).  Some of the kids you are watching play will go on to the major leagues (Joba Chamberlain anyone?) and you have easy access to get autographs.  If you have season tickets, you get to know the families around you and catch up on what happened in the last year.  All the while you have a great view of the Omaha Henry Doorley Zoo.

desertdomeMoral of the story.  If you haven’t made it to a College World Series Game at least once in your life, you should try.  And if you can’t make it this series, at least make it to a baseball game.  Spit a few sunflower seeds for me.

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Tonsillectomy – The Final Dose

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I plan on this being the last post on tonsillectomies … EVER.  I have to admit, there were a few times where I wondered if it was worth it.  I guess only time will tell. 


So – here are our ‘lessons learned’ and tips for anyone who might have a little one going through this any time soon.


Lessons Learned (that means we got to feel the pain for your gain!):

  • Keep them on their pain meds through day 7.  We started reducing and augmenting with tylenol and the pain would catch up with her at night.  Not fun.
  • Pre-fill the medicine dispensers for the night so you don’t have try and dose things out while your child is screaming and your half-dead from no sleep.
  • Mix the yucky pain med with the amoxicillin.  It seems to cover the nasty flavor at least to the point that it is tolerable.
  • When your kiddo has hit “stage 6” in the freak-out zone … YOU NEED TO STAY CALM.  Keep your messages focused on what they need to do.  Use short phrases and repeat the words.  Examples: “Take a drink.  Take a drink.  Take a drink.”  “Calm down.  Calm down”


  • Do the prep grocery shopping ahead of time.  Foods that worked for us: chocolate push-ups; chocolate pudding; hot dogs; eggs; jello; yogurt drinks.
  • Fill medicine dispensers with water.  (Remember that Punk is 3.5)  Punk thought it was a treat to drink water out of these, so it helped her to drink more.
  • Have plenty of distracting movies on hand.  Distractions help your kiddo and give you a break.
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