Goin’ To The Lodge

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About once a year, we make the 2.5 hour trek south to KC and Great Wolf Lodge.  This was our 4th year (calculate that and it means the first time there I was preggo with Punk – and sick with a sinus infection.  That was a lot of fun!). 


We tried VERY hard to convince the kids to take a nap.  I even went so far as to try and take a nap myself (it was all for them you know).  I failed miserably.  Each time I was just about out, one of two things would happen:  1) Punk would need to readjust her Velcro closure on her shoe – right behind my head.  2) BigD would hit the rumble bars on the side of the road and I would be just sure that he was about to plummet us into the ditch of no return.  No nap for anyone.


Second plan, stop at McDonalds and get them food so they are more focused on eating than asking how much farther.  Second plan of failure – ChickenFried didn’t want anything – ANYTHING.  Punk wanted chicken chunks, but the kid gave her a cheeseburger, so we had to wait for chicken chunks. 


Upon arrival, both children wanted to go in and stand in line with me to check-in.  While standing in line, both children got restless and wanted to pull on the line chain, run around the lobby, check out the pool, go in the game room, run into other guests.  Both children went back to the car to wait with BigD.


We were “lucky” enough to get a cheap upgrade to a kid suite with the bunk beds.  This slight break in the room is enough to dampen the sound of Punks thumb-sucking all night long.  Believe me when I say, we don’t go to Great Wolf for the hotel.  The beds suck – the rooms show their kid wear, and you can be absolutely sure that everything in the room has been puked on at least once.  We go to Great Wolf lodge for the water fun.  And fun it was.  The kids had a blast doing the water slides.  Even Punk went down the big ones.  BigD gave her a push the first time around and by the time she got to the bottom she was on her back up-side down looking like a stranded turtle …. then “mommy – that was fun” came out of her mouth, and that was the end of it.  She went at least 20 more times.


The next day after check-out, we drove about 30 miles south of KC to eat at the BBQ Shack, which had been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  My aunt and uncle from Missouri kindly drove up to meet us for lunch.  This place does have seriously good pulled pork.  Thank god it moved from the shack it was in to the new location by WalMart!!!  Hilariously, Food Network had run the episode showcasing it the night before, so they were slammed with business.


We decided to take the scenic route on the way home and drove up through Kansas.  Within 15 minutes we’d seen the state penn and the Federal penn – both impressive buildings.  We took the opportunity to lecture ChickenFried on being a good citizen!


We continued our scenic route off the interste and got the opportunity to see the Rockport MO windfarm.   It was seriously awe-inspiring.  You don’t realize how large the turbines are until you see them in person.   I’m sure John Deere is loving the fact that people refer to them as ‘green power’ considering JD sponsored most of them!  I can’t believe JD hasn’t trade-marked that yet.


To quote Rosie’s Walk – we got back in time for dinner.


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