Out of Pocket

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I’m going to be out of pocket for a few days.  Punk is going in for a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on Friday.  We are, of course, a little nervous.  But as the surgeon said, the most dangerous part of the whole thing will be driving to the hospital.  BigD tried to talk the surgeon out of the adenoidectomy pondering if she really needed them gone.  He also tried to make the argument that since Punk’s comfort comes mainly from sucking her thumb, she wouldn’t be able to if her nose was stuffed up.  Surgeon’s answer: she shouldn’t suck her thumb.  Yeah — got that.  But considering she was sucking her thumb within 20 minutes of being born, I’m fairly certain breaking that habit is going to be difficult.  And this isn’t exactly the best time.  Soooooo- she’s still getting her adenoids out!


At this point, Punk is blissfully unaware and believes she is in for some great adventure and the hospital is a magical place.  We did select a “children’s” hospital with the thought they would cater more to children and their needs. 


We’d greatly appreciate a few prayers sent her way for a successful surgery and quick recovery (ok, the last one is somewhat for us as well!).  And, we’d love some more prayers for little Mr MP who is still in the hospital.  He’s had a tough road and not a lot of good news.  We’re hopeful that before Punk comes home, we can take her to briefly visit mp and hopefully brighten both of their days.


I promise to be back with updates, new memory book pages, and some good stories as soon as I can.


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