Tonsillectomy Update

Posted on June 6, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

Thursday night:  I ask the kids of they have everything packed and ready to go for the morning.  BigD mentions something about Punk being able to take whatever she wants.  She says “I want to take Carter’s DS.”

Friday am: The kids got right out of bed for us and started moving.  Got the hospital on time.  They really have things down pat … and I truly believe “Children’s Hopsitals” are better for kids.  They are more prepared for what kids might do and have the mindset of “they’re kids.”  Punk was going right along with things until after the dr, anesthesiologist, and girl with the smelly masks came in.  That’s when she started to figure out maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

Surgery itself went great.  The dr was out to talk to us about 35 minutes after they took her back.  We waited another 40 minutes for her to come out of recovery.  When we saw her I think she was so scared that she was ‘alone’ with people she didn’t know.  She got the chin quiver cry going.  But we got up to the room, got some pain meds and started doing great.  


We decided to take her home instead of staying at the hospital.  It was ok until about 12:30 when Punk woke up crying, then started coughing so hard she was gagging.  We got her over to the sink and put a towel under her mouth and there was blood.  Let me tell you – they scare the hell out of you at the hospital and say “if there’s ANY blood, take her straight to the emergency room.”  So when I see this, I think the worst.  Add that on to the fact that I just woke up out of a deep sleep 15 seconds before and picked Punk up and moved pretty quickly.  I quickly start to feel woozey and light-headed.  BigD is helping Punk, and I’m on the floor.  What a great Mom moment.


I crawl to the bag with all the discharge papers looking for the dr’s number.  We want to know exactly how much blood would cause us to pick up everything and drive to the er in the middle of the night.  Thankfully he says a few drops is no big deal and probably from her adenoids.  He also gives us the a-ok to increase her pain meds.  We had a pretty peaceful night after that. 


More updates to come, and I’ll post-some ‘lessons learned’ after this whole ordeal so you can learn from our mistakes and tricks!


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