Tonsillectomy – The Final Dose

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I plan on this being the last post on tonsillectomies … EVER.  I have to admit, there were a few times where I wondered if it was worth it.  I guess only time will tell. 


So – here are our ‘lessons learned’ and tips for anyone who might have a little one going through this any time soon.


Lessons Learned (that means we got to feel the pain for your gain!):

  • Keep them on their pain meds through day 7.  We started reducing and augmenting with tylenol and the pain would catch up with her at night.  Not fun.
  • Pre-fill the medicine dispensers for the night so you don’t have try and dose things out while your child is screaming and your half-dead from no sleep.
  • Mix the yucky pain med with the amoxicillin.  It seems to cover the nasty flavor at least to the point that it is tolerable.
  • When your kiddo has hit “stage 6” in the freak-out zone … YOU NEED TO STAY CALM.  Keep your messages focused on what they need to do.  Use short phrases and repeat the words.  Examples: “Take a drink.  Take a drink.  Take a drink.”  “Calm down.  Calm down”


  • Do the prep grocery shopping ahead of time.  Foods that worked for us: chocolate push-ups; chocolate pudding; hot dogs; eggs; jello; yogurt drinks.
  • Fill medicine dispensers with water.  (Remember that Punk is 3.5)  Punk thought it was a treat to drink water out of these, so it helped her to drink more.
  • Have plenty of distracting movies on hand.  Distractions help your kiddo and give you a break.

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One Response to “Tonsillectomy – The Final Dose”

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Trust me it will be worth it. I remember Conor getting his out at like 21 (before we were even together) it was awful! He lost like 20 lbs and looked as white as a ghost and that was over a week after he had them out!

I have heard the older you are the worse it is. (I don’t recommend being 3 and having it done but at least she won’t remember it!)

I hope the worse part is over for you guys! 🙂

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