Old Is New

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Many (many) years ago, this was my favorite toy.   I delighted in winding the knob.  Each click meant another minute of the music.  I was fascinated that little bumps on the record were what made the sound and spent hours trying to figure out how it worked.  When I finally made my expert determination I tried to make my own records with bumps out of paper, rather unsuccessfully. 

When ChickenFried started to get interested in toys I searched high and low for MY fisher price record player, to no avail.  It was lost, hopefully to another child’s hands and not the trash.  So, I did what any toy-searching person would and looked to e-bay.  I would hazard a guess that I paid more for this used toy than it cost new, but can you put a price on memories? 

Due to the sentimental ‘value’ of this particular toy, it stays on a shelf in a closet.  ChickenFried and Punk must ask to play with it, and so they treat it with great reverance.  This toy doesn’t get thrown or stood on.  They carefully place each record, twist the knob and place the arm.  Every song must be played at least once.   Maybe it’s a nod to The Sound of Music, but my favorite is still Edelweiss.


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