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Anyone with kids knows all the nightmare scenarios that play in your head – accidents, drowning in the baby pool, some wierdo stealing them, or a fire. 

After shooting off all the fireworks, having a bonfire (because it was 67 freakin degrees whereas it’s normally 90+), rinsing off the smokeball and bonfire stink and going to bed, I was awakened to the fire alarm going off.  Within a split second of the first beep and red flash, I sat straight up in bed, threw the blankets off and yelled “SHIT!”  Let me tell you, the adrenalin was going, but the fire alarm stopped…?

BigD and I checked all over the house.  I stood on things and felt the ceiling to see if it was hot anywhere.  We looked in the attic.  We walked around the outside of the house.  The only thing on my mind was figuring out if the place was on fire.  Then BigD springs another scenario on me … someone is in the basement and pushed the test button on the alarm.  Great – now I have something else to worry about.  And he says this as we’re standing outside.  My mind starts racing that the really smart someone in the basement did that to get us outside – he would lock us out away from the kids.  I reasoned I could use the umbrella to break through the glass door and get inside and save them. 

Of course, there wasn’t anyone in the basement, and apparently no fire.  I slept on the couch outside the kids room anyway!


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3 Responses to “FIRE!!!!!!”

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Scary! That gave me goosebumps to think of someone in the house!

we have had that happen before…not fun!!
We then replace ALL batteries in them to double check that they work.

But it is so hard to go to sleep after that happens

Gotta love those smoke alarms when their battery is going! Aunt Carol

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