Boys Vs Girls

Posted on July 22, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing | Tags: , |

ChickenFried is a 7-year old boy … and he is all boy (except when he helps Punk dress her disney princesses).

Punk is a 3-year old girl … and she is all girl (except for the climbing rocks, trees – basically whatever she can). 

We’re out at dinner last night at Famous Dave’s.  Punk graciously hands out at least two paper towels to each person from the roll.  We have to stop her there.   ChickenFried immediately crumples his, it lands on the floor, and he wipes his mouth with it (ok – I didn’t see that last part, but I imagine that’s what happened). 

Punk can’t wait to open that strange smelly wipe and use it.  We have to remind ChickenFried to use it and then tell him to wipe more becuase he has stored some of his dinner around his mouth for later. 

BigD has to go out the take-out exit so he can swindle more wipes for Punk because she likes them so much.  ChickenFried thinks she’s nuts.  That’s what shirt sleeves are for (if he remembers).


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