What World Am I Living In?

Posted on August 13, 2009. Filed under: Mommy Moments |

Our life is full of craziness right now.  I feel like we are in a pattern of what should be simple is extremely difficult.  

Let’s take my trip to the FedEx store as an example.  I need to ship 1 package – simple, right?  It’s 2:15 pm … the parking lot is full.  Overflowing to be more precise.  FedEx shares the little strip with Starbucks.  Apparently everyone needed Starbucks at 2:15 on Wednesday.  I try to drive around the building but as I get to the back I realize the “drive” at the back is actually the Starbucks drive through.  I go to back up, but someone has pulled right up on my butt and is completely ignoring the fact that I need to back up 4 feet to turn.  So, I get the pleasure of going through the Starbucks drive-through and saying “nothing – thanks.”  Had I been thinking a bit faster, I would have ordered one of everything and charged it to the idiot behind me.  

Inside FedEx, the employees are so helpful — not.  I seriously had to wait for 5 minutes to get their attention (there were 7 of them behind the counter and no other customers waiting) — all I wanted was to borrow a pen.  While checking out I saw sticky note pad that pretty well summed up the last few weeks:

“I feel like I’m parallel parking in a diagonal world.”


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One Response to “What World Am I Living In?”

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I totally hear you about this! I’ve had similar experiences with terrible customer service. But, I am probably one of those people who would be getting a Venti Starbucks at 2 in the afternoon. Thanks for the funny post!

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