How Much Longer?

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This is the adult version of “are we there yet?”  And I do mean, is it time for school to start again?  By my kid-o-meter, it should have started a week ago.  That’s about the time ChickenFried got bored with everything in his life …. especially his sister.  Those two have been at each other in a way that would make a classic scene in a Judd Apatow movie about parents who find themselves almost middle-age with two kids that are irritating each other. 


I tried to break things up a bit by taking them into the playground at the school this afternoon.  Like a nice mom, I packed up their bikes, wheeled them down the hill at the school and sat back to watch them play.  For all of 20 minutes.  Then ChickenFried was tired and hungry and ready to go.  Even Lego Star Wars isn’t holding his attention like it used to.  Another sign, he finished a 3rd-4th grade math book in a week….he’s going into 2nd grade.  This isn’t a brag about his intelligence –  These are all signs that it is time to go back to school. 


Alas, I wish I could say school starts Tuesday, but we have to wait another 1.5 weeks.   I need to get creative about how we are going to spend the next couple of weeks …. and thank God they’ll be at the babysitters part of that time!!!  Maybe my plan should be to get a babysitter at night — could I afford that?  My sanity is saying I need to!


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