Chasing Picture Perfection – I got an A+!

Posted on August 17, 2009. Filed under: Elemental Memories, Mommy Moments | Tags: , , |

Stacie, at Chasing Picture Perfection, awarded me the A+ for the photo assignment of ‘creative framing.’  

When I initially saw Stacie’s assignment I thought I didn’t have a chance.  I had seen a couple of her examples and they were so creative and different. 

But, I followed Stacies’ advise and took my camera with me up to our neighbor’s pool, even though I’d already gotten shots of the kids in the pool.  Then I noticed ChickenFried looking through the tube and inspiration struck. 

I did crop in very close on the shot – this isn’t cropped after the fact.  I just used the standard presets on my Canon DSLR.  The one tip I will give is that I blocked the extra sunlight coming in my eyepiece viewfinder.  If you have too much light coming in your eyepiece, the camera thinks the picture is brighter and the photo turns out too dark to use.  But, if you block the light (I just cupped my left hand over my eyebrow), it allows the lens and aperature to adjust correctly.

I also like the fact that the tube isn’t perfectly centered.   I think it gives the photo more interest that if it was a perfect circle.

Thanks again to Stacie for the fun photo assignments … and yum, Starbucks!   I encourage everyone who enjoys taking pics to check out her website.  I love her new feature: Free Photo Tips Card Download.  They are great little cards you can print off and refer to quickly rather than flipping through your 90-page camera reference book.


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