Rewarding Bad Behavior

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We all know, whether from dog training class or kid training (oops, I mean parenting) class — the behaviors you reward will be repeated.   I realized the other night that BigD and I are in trouble, especially when it comes to eating dinner.  We keep telling the kids if they learn proper dinner etiquette, we’ll take them out for a nice dinner.  I think we’re about 7 years away.

We’ll start with Saturday night.  Punk’s job is handing out napkins for everyone.  She knows everyone has a napkin.  At one moment she has food on her fingers …. and wipes them on her shirt.   BigD and I look at each other  and he says “she’s going to be more of a boy than ChickenFried.”   That was it.  Nothing else said to Punk.  Who cares – it was dinner and she was going to be putting her shirt in the laundry in a couple of hours anyway.

Move to Sunday dinner.  It didn’t even hit me until about half way through the meal that neither child was wearing a shirt.   They were sitting across from me.  I’d looked at them many times, but apparently going shirtless around here (for the children anyway) has become so commonplace that I didn’t notice.   They didn’t put shirts on until – well, the next morning.   The upside is no one wiped their dirty fingers on their shirts.

Monday dinner.  BigD says something ChickenFried thinks he might be interested in so he says “what” ….. quickly followed by a loudly and perfectly burped “what?”  We couldn’t help ourselves.  We laughed.  It was funny.  I didn’t know he could do that yet.  I’m so proud. 

Dinner –


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