Maximum Capacity

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I admit it – I’ve hit max capacity when it comes to the kids.   Even after a day out of town respite, they are driving me crazy.  Within five minutes, Punk had done her crying over nothing bit and ChickenFried was pouting over something insanely stupid.  ChickenFried then broke the little item I brought home from my trip for Punk within 3 seconds of opening it. 

I’m tired of Punk crying about everything.

I’m tired of the pouting over nothing.

I’m tired of the “I know everything” attitude.

Seriously – I look forward to their bed time at night. 

Then I remind myself that I’m thankful I have happy (most of the time), healthy (most of the time), honest (most of the time), smart (most of the time) kids.  Sometimes it works.  But….. 

Sometimes I yell.  Sometimes I send one, or both, to the timeout spot in front of the door and make them put their head on the door.  Sometimes I tell them to go to their bedroom until the attitude changes (theirs or mine – take your pick). 

I love them all the time, but sometimes I hit max capacity and really have to work to keep things in perspective right now.  What do you do to keep yourself sane at these moments?


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2 Responses to “Maximum Capacity”

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Have 17 for the day then when you come home one or two aren’t bad. Especially in comparison to some that I see at school. We all still were in bed by 9:00 last night!! I just have to say there are those who can be SAHM’s and then there are those of us who know our limits!! Thank God for jobs!!

I am so with you!!! My job is my refuge — even when it sucks!

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