“Not Me” Monday

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mckmama at the mycharmingkids.net blog started something fun a while ago, and I’m just now finding it????  As ChickenFried would say, “what the?”

As mckmama tells it: Are you feeling guilty for drying the dishes with your shirt?  Hope no one saw you when you ran into the mailbox in your jammies?  Overcome with embarrassment after your child asked the grocery store clerk, who did NOT have a baby in her tummy “if she had a baby in her tummy?”  Well don’t be!  Not Me! Monday was born out of the desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I’d rather forget.  You may find it therapeutic to do the same thing!

So here I go.

I did not complain about it being Monday again.  Why in the world would I ever do that.  Mondays are wonderful.  They are the best day of the week.  They set the tone.

I did not mouth “quit fixing your hair and drive” to the blonde girl in front of me at the only-green-so-long turn arrow.  She did not catch me mouthing something.  I did not then try to make it seem like I was talking on my blue tooth …. which I really do not have (really). 

I am not the mother who ‘lamed out’ on dinner and only made chicken chunks and fries.  Nope – not me.  Not ever. 

I did not make fun of BigD after he said “Wizard of Oz is on.  It’s the original too — it’s in black and white.”  I did not then look at him and say “you can’t be serious.”  I did not follow with a blog post about this. 

I am not not going to find an excuse to not workout tonight.  Wait — what the?


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2 Responses to ““Not Me” Monday”

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I do have to say your dinner options were way better than mine. On the table in our house” peanut butter and jelly all around…because it’s monday. i love love love that you did not tell the blonde who did not see you mouthing the words “quit fixing your hair”

I may have been a LITTLE jealous that she had better hair than mine. And seriously – if you have a Mustang – drive like you have a Mustang!

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