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One Year Ago Today

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I started this blog one year ago.  Do you think our Halloween this year will be anything like last year???  Hope not!



Too many times we have ideas of perfection in our head about every little thing.  Our house will be decorated like Martha Stewarts.  Our treats will be in perfectly scary (but not too scary) treat bags.  Our children will be dressed in perfect costumes without a hair out of place.  Then reality sets in.  Warning — the rest is not for the faint of heart.









Halloween eve, my husband has picked up the children from day care and is on his way home….when our almost three old daughter Punk lets out a sound that tells him all is not right.  Then the vomit flies.  We’re so lucky our son could hold his cookies in — normally he’s a goner at that point.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t just too much candy at day care – it was the dreaded stomach flu.







It was such a beautiful night out (65 degrees when it could have been 20 and snowing) there was no way ChickenFried could miss trick-or-treating.  So, we snuck his costume out to the car and told Katy that Carter and Dad were going to the store.  Punk and I put Cindarella in the DVD (a princess movie always makes you feel better), grabbed some emergency supplies and settled into the couch. A while later, the boys returned, having actually gone to the store … and a few stops in between.






So it wasn’t the Halloween anyone had hoped for, but I got some good snuggle time with Punk, and Chicken Fried and BigD had good boy bonding time.  ChickenFried appreciated it.  When we were tucking him into bed I heard him say “Dad, thanks for taking me to the store!”  What could be more perfect than that?
















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White Collar

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No, this isn’t an ad for Whisk.  It’s my expression of joy for the new USA show titled White Collar showing Friday evenings at 9.  And yes, we are usually home Friday nights, but I admit I DVR it and it’s my new “workout show.”

What’s it all about Alfie?  True to the USA motto ‘characters welcome,’ the writers have developed some great new characters in this series.  A (turn away from the screen BigD) handsome con man nearing the end of his 4 year jail term breaks out to try and win back the love of his life.  In doing so, he’s re-captured by a seasoned FBI agent working the latest tangled case.   Con man proposes an alternate to returning to jail – he’ll help the FBI solve their cases if he remains out of jail in their custody. 

The characters don’t end there.  Add in a recurring role for Diahann Carroll as the somewhat grieving, but very wealthy, widow of her own con artist husband.  The beautiful wife of the FBI agent.  And a conspiracy-theory side-kick for the con artist.  This has the makings of a really enjoyable and entertaining show.

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Halloween Memory Book Sheet

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halloween memory pageI always wanted to know everything I could about my parents when they were little … that’s why my memory books have so many pages about Mom/Dad!!!  I think all kids want to know what their parents were like when they were children, and more than just the standard — smart, good at sports, liked cars, etc. 

Kids want details.  They want stories.  So parents, this is your chance to tell your kiddos about your childhood Halloween memories.  Simply open the memory sheet by clicking the image below, print, and fill-in the thought starters provided.  Your kiddos will have a great time hearing about your favorite costume, or when you got scared.  And, you might even learn something about your significant other!

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Moments to Live For

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This morning I went to check on little Punk.  She looked so cozy in her bed that I scooted her over and laid by her.  She was sound asleep, but she nestled in against me tight.  I rubbed her back as she sighed heavily.  She sat up just enough to give me a kiss with her eyes still closed.  I just laid there and thought, ‘these are the moments Mom’s live for.’

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Personality Test

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As I watch my children develop and grow, I always wonder what personality traits they will keep, and what will change over time.  ChickenFried and I were watching Cash Cab the other night.  As a primer, people who get into this particular cab have a chance to win money if they answer trivia questions correctly.  At the end of the ride, they can bet all they’ve won to either double their money, or walk away with nothing.  A particular group bet, and lost. 

ChickenFried looks at me and says “Mom – so they don’t get to keep any money?”  I explained because they bet it all and didn’t answer correctly, they lost.   He responds very seriously, “I wouldn’t have done that.  I would have just taken the other money and left.” 

So, will ChickenFried continue to be a risk-averse greedy person???  I guess only time will tell.

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For The Love of Strings

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Punk has been finding every reason in the world to get out of bed tonight.   The latest reason was a long string on her pants.  I pulled it off and rolled it into a ball. 

As I did so, I remembered an endearing/disturbing habit ChickenFried had when he was younger.  I mean young — 18 months – 24 months.  He would find a string, any string.  He would roll it into a ball between his little fingers and hold it.  It was his treasure for the day.  When we would get out of the car seat, he would place the little string ball on his seat.  When we came back to the car, he would find his little string ball and begin to roll it between his fingers again.  He would hide the little balls away like a squirrel hiding nuts, and come back later to find his little treasure.  It always amazed us that he would remember when he put them. 

He’s outgrown his little habit, and I’d honestly forgotten about it until tonight.  How sad that things can so quickly slip our minds only to be recalled at odd moments later in life.

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The Find

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Miss Punk still needs to wear Pull-ups to bed at night – lord knows we have enough stress that we don’t need to deal with waking up to a wet mess every morning.    So Sunday night we tell her to get her pull-up on and ge ready for bed. 

She looks at me and says “did you buy me some more Mommy?” 

Heart and stomach combine.  I run to the drawer, pull it open and find it as empty as Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.  Understand – we live in the country……outside of a small town…..everything closes at 6:00 pm on Sunday.  To get pull-ups would be a 45-minute round-trip that NOOOOOOO one wants to make. 

I give the marching orders – everyone, look everywhere.  Look in bags – look in vehicles – look in closets.   Then inspiration strikes.  I tell BigD to look behind the bottom drawer. 

Success!!!!!!  Not just one, but three brand-new pull-ups just waiting to be used.   Oh what a find.  (I do really need to get to the store today, though !)

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“You’re Up”

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Punk and I had a wonderful conversation about Princesses and castles the other night.  You see, she loves princesses.  So she wants to know where the castles are. 

I advise her that most castles are “in Europe.”

She looks at me with her big blue confused eyes and says “when I’m up?”

“Most castles are in a place called Europe.”

Again, “when I’m up …. or when you’re up Mommy?”

“No honey – a place called Europe.  It’s across the ocean.”

“Yeah – when I’m up.”


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Morning Surpise

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The weathermen predicted snow showers but said it wouldn’t stick because the ground was too warm. 


Mother Nature: 239,592,105,302,390,205

Weathermen: 0

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Awwwwww – Misplaced Sympathy

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Anyone watching the Nebraska/Missouri game knows it’s raining.   Pouring rain. 

The camera flashes to the sidelines where a guy is holding something wrapped in a pink and white towel.  ChickenFried says “awwwwww” thinking “it” is a baby.  Of course, “it” is the football they are trying to keep dry.  And I’m thinking the only reason the towel appears pink is that someone’s Nebraska gear is running due being completely soaking wet!

He really should be saying “awwwww” for the NU players that are going to get their butt chewed.

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