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A Trip to Gifford Farm

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We made a trip to Gifford Farm’s annual Fall Celebration today.  The kiddos got to ride a pony, decorate a cookie, dig in a sand pit, and see all kinds of animals. 


Then we went for a hike through the wetlands.  The trail came to a divide and ChickenFried wanted to cross the little pond on what I will loosely refer to as a bridge.  I would have a picture for you, but ChickenFried took off very quickly and Punk was close on his heels.  By the looks of the 20-inch wide and no rails bridge I thought I’d better get a move on and help them get across without falling in.  We did make it safely to the other side, but Punk still managed to have her leg fall into the murky water.  Interestingly, she did the same darn thing when we were walking along a small river in SD a couple of months ago.  Even the same leg…… 

We started up the hill to the trail that runs along the railroad tracks when suddenly ChickenFried falls into a hole up to his waste.  Amusingly, he climbed out as quickly as he fell in.   I think he didn’t want to stick around and see what might have been in that hole!


We walked along the tracks and Punk said something about a train.  I turned around to see how closely ChickenFried was following when I saw it…..


I don’t know if she felt the vibrations in the track or what, but I yelled for ChickenFried to get off the track.  We literally just stepped off when I took the pic.  It got pretty close before it honked at us, and Punk was not happy when it was going by.  Too loud, and a lot of wind.  I think the Engineers weren’t all that happy with us either.  Ooops.

We did make it back to the car with no further incident.  I joked that I thought the pony ride would be the highlight of the day, but it turned out to be something much more exciting.

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