White Collar

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No, this isn’t an ad for Whisk.  It’s my expression of joy for the new USA show titled White Collar showing Friday evenings at 9.  And yes, we are usually home Friday nights, but I admit I DVR it and it’s my new “workout show.”

What’s it all about Alfie?  True to the USA motto ‘characters welcome,’ the writers have developed some great new characters in this series.  A (turn away from the screen BigD) handsome con man nearing the end of his 4 year jail term breaks out to try and win back the love of his life.  In doing so, he’s re-captured by a seasoned FBI agent working the latest tangled case.   Con man proposes an alternate to returning to jail – he’ll help the FBI solve their cases if he remains out of jail in their custody. 

The characters don’t end there.  Add in a recurring role for Diahann Carroll as the somewhat grieving, but very wealthy, widow of her own con artist husband.  The beautiful wife of the FBI agent.  And a conspiracy-theory side-kick for the con artist.  This has the makings of a really enjoyable and entertaining show.


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