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Chasing Picture Perfection – Action Shot

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Whew – I’ve been bad about finishing my photo assignments darn it.  But, I got back up on the horse this week for the Action Shot assignment.

I snapped this pic at ChickenFried’s basketball game.  He caught the errant pass, although you can tell by his face he wasn’t sure if he was going to! 

I had my ISO cranked up to 1600 because the gym is pretty dark.  I also had the aperature wide open to gather as much light as possible.  That allowed a faster shutter speed to stop the action. 


For great photo tips or to join the fun, stop over to Chasing Picture Perfection.

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The Land of the Clueless

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I’m the first to admit I’m not perfect … in many ways.  If you don’t believe me, read my last post.  Having given this disclaimer, I can now complain about those people we face in the world that live in the land of the clueless.  You know the ones  – gabbing on their phone through a  green light, then they go when it turns yellow leaving you with the dastardly choice of running the red, or waiting for the next green.  Walking three wide down the aisle when you’re trying to get past them.  The dad who keeps his hands in his pocket forcing his young daughter to open the door for him.  Or the one we witnessed just today.

We decided to stop at a local mall to grab some lunch with the kiddos.  I used ‘getting to see Santa’ as the bargaining chip to get Punk to eat her lunch.  The kiddos stand nicely in line as we wait for Ms Clueless and her 13’ish month old baby in front of us.  Ms Clueless places baby on Santa’s lap.  Pictures taken, baby given book, baby ready to go back to Ms Clueless.  But where is Ms. Clueless.  She’s taken the stroller outside the Santa space to go around and look at the pictures.  Then she walks over to pay.  Then she walks back around to look at the pictures.  Then she decides she should come back around the front to pay.  All the while baby is on Santa’s lap bawling her head off because she wants Ms Clueless.  Santa keeps looking longingly at Ms Clueless, or any of the other helpers to point out to Ms Cluless that she could have put baby in the stroller at any point and walked her little errands.  But instead, she ignored screaming baby sitting on Santa’s lap while she walked around with the stroller.  She didn’t even feign to notice that baby had been crying when she eventually found her way to pick her up.  Amazing.

I challenge you to be aware of your surroundings.  Are you going to let the door shut on the little old lady trying to get her cart through?  Are you walking slowly down the middle of the car aisle while the cars back up behind you?  Please don’t.  Someday I will lose my patience and run your ass over.

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The Secret is in the Sauce

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I was so pleased to get out of work a tad early and hoped I would miss the massive after-work push at the local grocery store.    I was pleased to get a decent parking spot and only had to make a few faces and utter a few words under my breath at the idiots cluelessly blocking the aisles.  I slid right into a check-out line, paid my hard-earned money and walked out quite pleased with myself.  That is when disaster struck.   Always — when you are least suspecting it. 

I was crossing the traffic lane to gt to my car – traffic stopped both ways.  I hear something hit the cart, feel something hit my leg and I do a stupid bad cheerleader jump trying to avoid whatever it might be.  It was the jar of spaghetti sauce.  It did hit the cement.  It did shatter sending sauce everywhere, including my legs and feet.  I did look at the cars …..  looking at me …. holding back laughs.  And then I kept on walking with as much dignity as I could possibly muster.   I used the 7 napkins in my car to try and wipe as much sauce off my jeans and shoes as I could, but my car smelled like an Italian restaurant the entire way home.

So, as you have any small Thanksgiving meltdowns, burned buns, spilled wine, etc., think of me.   Spaghetti, smelly, butt of many jokes me.

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Say Cheese

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We were off to ChickenFried’s holiday program last night.  I was relieved they left the lights in the gym on so I could try and get some decent pictures.  We’re sitting in the back row of the bleachers and all the parents are clicking away on their cameras  during the “photo op” at the beginning of the program.  Just as they are about to announce the first song Punk yells “Carter……say cheese!”   She was so proud of herself.   It was a little like the My Fair Lady moment at the Ascot races.

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Holiday Boutique

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This past Thursday night, quite a few Glenwood Moms placed their wares out for everyone to see.  I was happy to join the fun and show off some products.   The popular product for viewing was the School Year Memory Book. 

What do you think of the Ribbon Topiary?  Many people commented it would be a wonderful shower decoration or homecoming gift.  Should ElementalBaby carry these?



Check out some of the other Mom’s businesses at the hosting website:  Everyone had great stuff and it’s always nice to think you’re supporting other Mom’s in business when you buy from them.

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My Life. In Pictures. Day 5 – Smell

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I smell winter in the air…..



My Life.  In Pictures.

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My Life. In Pictures. Day 4 – Taste

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Amber, at Everything Except the Grill has issued the Day 4 challenge for My Life.  In Pictures.  The week’s theme has been the five senses in case you are wondering …. and today is Taste.

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My Life. In Pictures. Day 3 – Touch

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Day 3 of the My Life.  In Pictures. is “touch.”  I chose this photo becauses I can just imagine feeling little Punk’s hair brushing across her cheecks and shoulders as the wind blew.   Looking back, I’m sorry we cut her hair ….. but it is growing back!


For more pictures, check out Everything Except The Grill.


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My Life. In Pictures. Day 2

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Today’s photo challenge from Amber is Hearing.   I chose a photo from this summer at my hometowns quasquicentennial (that’s 125 years!) celebration.  There was an old fashioned shoot-out which ChickenFried and Punk wanted front-row seats for … until they started shooting.  Punk has never liked loud noises, as evidenced by her reaction. 

Check out other entries, or enter yourself at: Everything Except The Grill

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My Life. In Pictures

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My dear friend Amber is hosting “My Life. In Pictures” again this week.  The theme for this session is the five senses.  I’m already trying to figure out how to sneak a camera into HyVee to get a picture of a Thanksgiving turkey cooking!!!

Today the sense is sight.  I had to search my picture catalog to come up with something.  I seriously have 4,000 pictures but couldn’t find one that I really loved – how is that possible?  Anyway, here are my goofballs in 3-d glasses at our special viewing of The Christmas Carol!  Not a great picture by any stretch of the imagination, but it suits today’s purpose and I’m in a hurry as usual!

Check out other entries, or enter yourself at: Everything Except The Grill

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