Some Days

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There are just some days where the kids seem to be a bit more “full” of themselves, and today was Punk’s day. 

It was a beautiful day here so Punk thought she could wear her ladybug flip flops one more time.  Until a real ladybug (technically Asian Beetle) crawled between the shoe and her foot and started pinching her.  She was screaming and kicked her flip flops off and decided she doesn’t like lady bugs ANY MORE.


While Punk was in the bathtub she announced I should come in and sit and talk to her.  When I asked her what we should talk about …. “princesses.  Especially Snow White.  Oh, and Cindarella Mommy.  I like Snow White.  Her Mom maked her die, but her prince makes her not be died anymore.”   (Oh my – what are we learning?)


Toward the end of the bath, “Mommy, I want to get out and suck my thumb.  I love sucking my thumb.  It’s my favorite thing.  My thumb and baby.  I love baby.  I love sucking my thumb and baby.”


BigD tells Punk to turn on the race and see if Jimmy Johnson is winning.  Punk has recently decided that she loves Jimmy Johnson.  Really.  When ChickenFried points out that she’s not actually watching the race she says “I don’t love racing.  I just love Jimmy Johnson.”  He lost.  Punk was sad for him.


Watching Funniest Home Videos, some type of parrott is making a barking noice.  ChickenFried asked what kind of bird it was.  Punk says with all seriousnes, “it’s a condor.”  I have no idea when she ever would have even seen or heard of a condor.  It’s not on Snow White and it’s not Jimmy Johnson’s sponsor.


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