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The good, the bad, and the ugly

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I was doing a “show” with my books recently.  A young mom stopped to look through them.  As she was paging through my sample school year memory book she stopped and studied one particular page.  The page in question included a note from ChickenFried’s teacher stating he was sent to the principal’s office for throwing snow balls. 

The mom looked at me in wonder and said “I never would have thought to keep something that showed my child had been in trouble!”    Hmmm….am I a bad Mom, I pondered. 

Personally, I thought it was hilarious that he’d been sent to the principal’s office in kindergarten.  Now I’m sure if it was for a reason other than throwing snowballs I might not have been so amused, but I think I still would have saved the note.

If we only try to save the good memories, aren’t we forgetting some really important things?  

For example, one of my favorite photos of my brother and I is at my college graduation.   I worked very hard to look good that day and pin my cap on just right.  And with one little tug on the tassel from him, it moved.  My mom caught the photo of that moment.  I am giving him the stink eye, and he is laughing.   It is such a perfect representation of one element of our relationship.  The point is, it’s just one dynamic.  Without multiple dynamics, life would be pretty darn boring.   And let’s face it — no one is perfect.   

I think it’s ok to keep some of the “bad” school work, or the video of the missed basketball shot.   In fact, I just scanned in one of ChickenFried’s latest spelling tests.  He only got a 70% …. he usually gets a 90% or 100%.  Oooops.  I’m pretty sure it will make his second grade memory book!

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I saw an article on titled “He Took A Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died.”    It’s pretty obvious I love capturing memories, especially with photos so I was fully intrigued, but not emotionally prepared for the article.  I should have been, right?  It’s right there in the title — the guy dies.   So here’s your warning.  He dies. 

The writer, Chris Higgins, does a wonderful job taking the reader through his exploration of simply stumbling on a website, that is only a bunch of photos, but discovers so much more.   I won’t try and steal Chris’ thunder by copying any of his work here, but I do want to give some highlights.   The website ( ) showcases literally one per day beginning in 1979, ending in 1997.   The photos are the work of Jamie Livingston.  The photos are the life of Jamie Livingston.  They range from the mundane, to the crazy, to the profound.  They give the viewer a puzzle-piece glimpse of a life, and inevitably a death. 

As Chris’ article details, the early years seemed to be all about fun with parties, music and the Mets.  “Throughout early 1997, we start to see the photographer himself more and more often.  Sometimes his face is obscured behind objects.  Other times he’s passed out on the couch.  When he’s shown with people, he isn’t smiling.  On May 2, 1997, something bad has happened.” 

May 2, 1997


October 5, 1997:

October 5, 1997

A wedding….. two days later.

October 7, 1997

The last photo:

October 24, 1997

October 24, 1997.   Jaime Livingston died the next day on his 41st birthday. 

His project was called ‘Photo of the Day.’ 

The next time you think about throwing away a picture because your hair isn’t quite right, or the house is a mess in the background … think twice.  It may not be a perfect photo, but it’s a memory.  It’s a record.  It shows a reality that very often tells more stories than the perfect professional shot.

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Book Drop Challenge

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My friend Laura started a new blog (she is brave as she already had 2 others!!!) called Our Random Acts of Reading.   Laura and I share a love of reading, and looking at her favorite book list, a love of the same books for our kiddos.  

Laura has come up with a wonderful idea called the “Book Drop Challenge.”  The idea of the book drop is to “drop” a book where someone could find it and enjoy the book with their kiddo.    I encourage you to review the challenge by following the link to the 2,010 in 2010 post.   I am already plotting my book drops now!!!

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Chicka Chicka Boom Booom

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Every once in a while, we remember to get out the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom video.  And it’s an all out affair when we do.  Everybody has to do the craziest dance they possible can.  It’s always great fun, and burns a little energy off the kids (and maybe a few calories off me?). 

If you’ve never seen Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, you can view it on You Tube:  Warning – the song is very catchy, and you just might find yourself doing your own crazy dance around the living room!

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What’s a girl to do

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As many of you know …. because you are living it, the midwest is getting the worst winter in decades.  Snow, lots of snow.  Some ice.  Some wind.  And don’t forget the frigid temps – I believe we are setting a record tonight/tomorrow.

For a view of the drive we make every day, check out this link and the last video on the page.  These are literally the roads we’ve been driving.

BigD and I have truck-pooled the last couple of days, but needed to get both the truck and car home for the weekend.  I drove the truck home from work, picked up the kiddos, and made it safely home, but realized the plow had deposited a lot of loose snow at the bottom of our lane.  I knew the car wouldn’t make it through, so I tried driving over it a few times, but it was just too soft.  So, I drove up the house, sent the kids inside, got the snow shovel, and drove back down.   Remember – I’m coming from work, so have my nice high-heeled boots on.  Yes, my snow boots are in the truck.  But do you know how long it takes to put those on?  Too long to make it worth while.   So, I scoop out the end of the lane, in my nice high heeled boots.  And it worked just fine.

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