The good, the bad, and the ugly

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I was doing a “show” with my books recently.  A young mom stopped to look through them.  As she was paging through my sample school year memory book she stopped and studied one particular page.  The page in question included a note from ChickenFried’s teacher stating he was sent to the principal’s office for throwing snow balls. 

The mom looked at me in wonder and said “I never would have thought to keep something that showed my child had been in trouble!”    Hmmm….am I a bad Mom, I pondered. 

Personally, I thought it was hilarious that he’d been sent to the principal’s office in kindergarten.  Now I’m sure if it was for a reason other than throwing snowballs I might not have been so amused, but I think I still would have saved the note.

If we only try to save the good memories, aren’t we forgetting some really important things?  

For example, one of my favorite photos of my brother and I is at my college graduation.   I worked very hard to look good that day and pin my cap on just right.  And with one little tug on the tassel from him, it moved.  My mom caught the photo of that moment.  I am giving him the stink eye, and he is laughing.   It is such a perfect representation of one element of our relationship.  The point is, it’s just one dynamic.  Without multiple dynamics, life would be pretty darn boring.   And let’s face it — no one is perfect.   

I think it’s ok to keep some of the “bad” school work, or the video of the missed basketball shot.   In fact, I just scanned in one of ChickenFried’s latest spelling tests.  He only got a 70% …. he usually gets a 90% or 100%.  Oooops.  I’m pretty sure it will make his second grade memory book!


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3 Responses to “The good, the bad, and the ugly”

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For any parent who actually tries to portray that their child is “perfect” is stupid!
I would rather see the lessons learned than little snapshots of perfection. If I remember right…we all were kids once and no one is perfect.
Trust me that parent probably is one of the annoying ones at conference time…because her kid “can do no wrong” or at least she doesn’t want to admit it…

That is funny! I think it’s a great idea to keep stuff like that. . .

Anyone who maintains they have perfect children has their head in the sand. You will probably never know all that ChickenFried learned from his trip to the principal’s office. Don’t we learn as much if not more, from the bad and scary things of life as we do from the good? Keep putting those examples in his books!! He’ll love them and so will his kids!

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