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Let The Sun Shine ….. please

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You may have noticed I haven’t been feeling too bloggy lately.   I may have a sporadic thought of something to post, but just don’t seem to get around to it.   I think I can sum up the (lame) reason with a phrase everyone in my area is screaming — “I’m so sick of winter.  I just can’t take it anymore.” 

It doesn’t help that I personally know at least 20 people who have gone to Mexico in the last two weeks.  I saw one friend the day she got back.  She was so tan.   The real kind you get from the sun.  I wanted to go “Silence of the Lambs” on her and steal her skin, but I refrained. 

Therefore, it also doesn’t help that BigD and I have NOOOOOOO vacations planned in the near future.  Last year this time I was tagging along with him on a vegas trip.  Do you know how much flights are to Vegas right now — over $400.  Not happening.   I refuse to spend $400 for a flight when I’m only going to be there 4 days.  There is something really backwards about that.  Southwest take note — I will not be purchasing a flight from you. 

We had snow in October.  More snow in November.  And the snow that came in December is still here plus an inch or so every few days.   I was behind a car the other day with the license plates “LUVSNOW.”  They put a clarifying sign in their back window, “but I’m tired of driving in it.”

I must have had an inkling because this year I bought the “good” snow gear for the kiddos.   It was money well spent, and the gloves and snow pants are still falling apart.  Poor Punk asked the other day if she could wear shoes “becuase I haven’t worn shoes in a really long time.”

Forget spring, I’m ready for summer.  I’m ready to get my hammock out and laze in the warm sun.  I’m ready to hear the lawn mower.  I’m ready to hear the kids run through the sprinkler.  I’m ready for no socks and flip-flops.  I won’t go so far as to say I’m ready for a swim suit, but I’d sure the weather that would allow it!

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That’s My Boy

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I love classic rock.  Love it.  A lot.   The Who rocked the half time show. 

I was oh so proud when ChickenFried blurted out “Pinball Wizard” after a couple of opening bars.  I also took the chance to explain the second song was ‘Baba O’Riley,’  not ‘Teenage Wasteland’ and he should never call it that or no one would take him seriously.  These are the lessons of life.

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