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No Pants?

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Punk has been dying to wear this orange polka dot dress for months now and since we finally made it to church this am, it was the perfect opportunity to show it off.  Not many others made it this am, however, because there were only four kiddos up front for the children’s sermon.  This gave Pastor the ability to “personalize” the sermon a bit.  He was talking about Joseph and his coat and pointed out that it had many colors like Carter’s plaid shorts.  Katy then took the opportunity to advise everyone in church that she didn’t have pants on.   I’m glad the pastor is a bit hard of hearing (or at least he pretends to be really well!).

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That stings

Posted on June 24, 2010. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

Knowing we have no big vacation plans for the summer, we are trying to do things for the kids to keep things interesting.  We went today and bought a tether ball game.   BigD worked hard to get it straight into the ground in just the right spot in the yard.  Thinking the kids were on their way to some fun and games, I started to step around the house to pull some weeds. 

Scream.  Mom on high alert.  That was not a “my brother is irritating me scream.”  That was an “I’m hurt” scream.  And not even a normal “I’m hurt scream.”  This was something new. 

I went running and saw Punk grabbing her ankle crying hysterically.  My mind quickly tried to wrap around the possibilities.  My first thought was a sweat bee … or a bumble bee.  And then I saw the hornets nest.  I had sat right beside it not five minutes before.  The lovely wasps had made their home inside a gourd bird house that we had sat down to repaint.   Not good.  I told Chicken Fried to get BigD in the back yard (although I’m not sure how he didn’t hear the screaming.

I carried Punk inside to the sink (rinsing something off always makes it feel better, right?).  Big D comes in quickly …… followed by a screaming ChickenFried.   Are you kidding me? 

I move on to ChickenFried, who not only got stung four times, but also fell in the process of trying to get away from the wasps and has skinned both his knee and ankle.

I move at the speed of a reactionary Mom: 

Step 1 – get ice

Step 2 – start the computer

Step 3 – get Benadryl (it can’t hurt)

Step 4 – open the internet connection

Step 5 – get Motrin (it works magic)

Meanwhile I check Punk’s sting, which now appears to be three very close together and in the span of two minutes has produced a nice reaction.  When to really worry?  The magic information returning device known as Google says “when a sting produces a reaction area of larger than 10 inches.   She’s only 4.  That’s her entire leg.  I determine at 3 inches I’ll start to worry. 

Back to ChickenFried.  He has 4 stings, plus his knee and ankle. 

Both children are now sitting on the couch with their stings wrapped by tea towels holding “boo-boo ice” in place.  I think they are going to fine considering they are now starting to complain about things other than their stings.

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