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Get some cookies

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We made a recent trip to Adventureland.  ChickenFried was loving the rides, so BigD convinced him to ride The Outlaw, one of the rollercoasters.  Carter has been on a couple of small coasters before, but nothing like this.  They waited patiently in line for about 15 minutes.  A quick wave from BigD to let me know they were getting on so I could snap some pics.  Yes – that is a look of complete terror on ChickenFried’s face.  Yes, BigD is laughing his butt off.


The next day BigD, Punk and I were sitting on the front porch reminiscing about the trip.  BigD starts laughing and says “Yeah, I thought ChickenFried was going to toss his cookies on the ride.”

Punk says “yeah Daddy, we need to toss cookies.  Mommy, can you go to the store and get some cookies so we can toss them?”

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Posted on July 17, 2010. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

I was talking with a fellow Mom at work the other day.  She was a little blue because her kiddos, now in their teens, were visiting family for a few weeks.  Her advice, as she looked at the pics of ChickenFried and Punk – “cherish every minute because they grow up so fast.  I know you know that, but I really mean it.”

Ok – here it goes.

I’m cherishing ChickenFried’s creativity.  He made “Lego Elementary” school out of a snapfish box for his lego figures.  Then he used more snapfish boxes and schwans boxes to make more schools.  I cherish every scrap of cut-out cardboard and tape laying all over the house.  I cherish that Punk thought it was such a great idea that she had to make her own…..own school and own mess.

I’m also cherishing ChickenFried’s curiosity.  On our trip to Barnes and Noble…

sidebar –  “Mommy, what’s “sandnoble?”


 “You know – the store  ‘sandnoble.” 

“oh – it’s Barns and Noble.  Noble is probably some guys last name.  What do you think Barnes means?” 

“Um – barns …. like on a farm…..duh.”

Now that I’ve been schooled, back to the story – he picked out a science set with a microscope.  I cherish that he was so excited to use it that he ripped the box open.  Please understand that we have told him not to rip boxes open in case we need to return it.  And guess what, said microscope doesn’t work.

I cherish Punks incessant need to talk.  All ….. the ….. time.  And her need to be with me.  All …… the ……..  time.  Shower time –
“Mommy, can I take a shower with you?”  “Why?”  “Because I love you sooooo much.”  I cherish her half-eaten peanut butter sandwich sitting on the ottoman from lunch.  I cherish that when grabbing some quick groceries she reminded me we needed peanut butter.

I cherish ChickenFried’s need to prove me wrong.  He picked out Frosted Mini Wheats at the store.  I told him he had to eat them even if he didn’t like them.  After patching the micrscope box back together with BigD he proceded to eat the Mini Wheats – straight out of the box – on the couch.  The remains could feed a mouse family for a month.

Yes – I do really cherish my kids.  And I do really understand that time will go oh so quickly.  I would just like to cherish less messes along the way.

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