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The Book Shelf

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I love to read – always have.  I remember many of the books I read in childhood and adolescence.   So, on my recent month-long travels, I was excited about the fact that I would have time to put a few books down for the count.  I thought I’d share my page-flipping journey in case you are looking for a read.

The Magicians: A Novel

The Magicians is a cross between Harry Potter and Narnia, but for adults (or almost adults).  I think I stole that from another book review, but we won’t tell, right.  Pretty decent page-turner if you can get into the willing suspension of disbelief posture.   I’ll return for the second book which I’m assuming will be out in the next year or so.

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The Genesis Secret is one of those books you can sit down to read and never get up.  It is Dan Brownish in it’s story approach ….. murder mixed with ancient artifacts that are in fact real.  Intrigued – google Gobekli Tepe.  Archealogists believe it may be the oldest human settlement, and a temple at that, ever found.   It is 5,000 years OLDER than stonehenge.  That, in and of itself, makes a great story.  I did find the ending to be a bit contrived, but a worthy and interesting read nonetheless.

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My next book was The Gargoyle.   Yeah – I have a thing for books with supernatural themes.  Either that or spy novels, and since Robert Ludlum died, I just haven’t read a good spy book since.  Back to The Gargoyle.   Andrew Davidson knows how to write a story.  He draws you into the worlds and lives of the characters.  This is the book you create the movie in your mind to.   I had a real conundrum when reading this book at the airport in Dallas.  I hit a part when I was quite certain the dog was going to die.  If the dog died, I would cry.  In the airport.  In Dallas.   My compromise was to march to the nearest Hudson Booksellers and ….. 

Her Fearful Symmetry: A Novel

purchase Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger.  Understand that I LOVED Audrey’s first book, The Time Travelers Wife.  Loved Loved Loved it.  Thought it was one of the best, original, and heartbreaking stories ever.   So I reasoned it was ok to put aside The Gargoyle for Audrey’s latest articulation.  Audrey also has the gift of story writing.  There is a difference, you know, between story writing and book writing.  Audrey creates people.  This story entails twins and twins, and ghosts of twins.  And people that do irrational things for rational reasons.  And while the ending, like The Time Travelers Wife, is not a story-book ending, it is the real ending of real people in unreal situations.

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Just Sick

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I love animals — I really do.  But there are times when roadkill makes me giggle.   Admit it – you’ve all seen the squirrel dead in the middle of the road with it’s tail stuck straight up into the air.  How does that happen?

We have an unfortunate wood chuck on the interstate.  It’s on it’s back and it’s little front paws are laid perfect on its chest.  All it needs is a daisy in it’s grip and it would be ready for a little coffin lined with silk. 

I know – I have issues.

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Advice from a 4 year old

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ChickenFried caught the bus from our house this am.  Punk yelled lovely advice at him as he was walking down the driveway:

1) have a good day at school

2) be careful

3) don’t fight with other kids

If you know ChickenFried, you would know these all pretty much go without saying.

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Sorry for my long absence …. again.  I’ve had to travel the past 4 weeks for work.  We all made it through relatively unscathed.  But now, to the point.

ChickenFried badly needs a haircut before school starts.   Sometimes I cut his hair, sometimes we take him somewhere.  The sad truth is I can’t tell a difference between when I cut it and someone else …… but it is school.  The first day.  In 3rd grade.  With the big kids.    So, we’ll make our way to Sportsman’s haircuts. 

In an effort to prepare, I googled “young boys haircuts” to bring a pic or two along to give the lucky stylist an idea of what I want.  As Im sitting there looking at all the images of these young boys I got a creepy feeling.  Like I really should be looking at pictures of all these young boys.   And I most certainly shouldn’t be looking at images of these young boys and thinking they are in any way “cute.”  I found a pic of David Beckham with one of his short styles, but no.  Carter wants the cut from the kid on Unnatural History.  So, one more search and a printed pic under my belt we’ll be off tomorrow and praying the chic knows how to use scissors.

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