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Where Have I Been

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I was listening to the radio on the way to work this week.  A Mom from a nearby town had called in and was saying that the school voted to change the recess schedule so that 3rd graders only get 1 recess.  I was the idiot talking to the radio in the car saying how ridiculous that is.  That 3rd graders should have at least 2 recess times and if I lived there I would have complained.

That night I say to ChickenFried (now in 3rd grade) that kids in 3rd grade in the other town only get 1 recess.  He looks at me like I am a total idiot and says “Mom – I only get 1 recess.”  Silence.  “You do?”  “Yeah” (big implied “duh”).

Now, I would have known this had I looked at the schedule sent home like the second day of school.   This is just par for the course this school year.   Examples:

Day 2 – I send ChickenFried to school in a tank top.  Apparently tank tops aren’t allowed in the new school.  This is clearly stated in the handbook sent home Day 1.  Ooops.

Day 8 – I send a note that ChickenFried needs to ride a different bus today.  The problem is that I put the wrong date on the note.  Seriously – his teacher has to think I am the biggest loser parent ever.

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