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What did ChickenFried learn this weekend?

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BigD has a very large bird book.  ChickenFried got it out and looked up Turkey Vultures. 

They eat carrion – “Dad, what’s that?”  “dead things.”

“They also eat stillborn animals and the afterbirth.  What’s stillborn?”   I turn and give a look.  Big D responds – “animals that are born dead.  Like at K’s farm, a calf can be dead when it comes out of it’s mommy.”   ….. whew – no question about ‘what’s afterbirth.’

“They are monogamous and breed with their partner.  What’s that mean?”   I turn, and give another look …. really it’s a look of amusement.  I want to see how BigD is going to recover from this. 

“Breed means they make more bird babies.  monogamous means they only have one partner.  Like I have Mommy.  You don’t see me going out and finding other partners.”

“Tiger Woods did.”  Yes – he did just say that.  Yes – BigD and I both laughed.

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