Car Horns

Posted on October 18, 2010. Filed under: Mommy Moments |

I think I should patent this blog because it may become someone’s great business idea ….

Why is it that you can download ringtones for your phone, but not specific horns for your car.  Someone honks the horn and you don’t know if it’s you, or what you did, or if it’s the guy next to you ….. Or better yet, I can’t accurately relay what some other idiot did.  For example, I would like the following options:

1.  “Did you even LOOK before you changed lanes?”

2.  “You obviously have a turn signal – is your pinky broken?”

3.  “Seriously – who gave you a driver’s license?”

4.  “For God’s sake GOOOOOOO.”

I think any of these would accurately serve their purpose many times over.   What would your horn say?

Updated — and more just from my drive in this morning.

5.  “Can you at least go the speed limit?”

6.  “You have a sportscar – drive like you have a sportscar.”

7. “Put down the phone and drive.”

8. “Put down the makeup and drive.”

9. “Put down the ….. are you kidding me – you’re reading a newspaper?  Put it down.”


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