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Last night the kiddos set up a “store” in the living room with their cashier machine, shopping cart, fake food, real Halloween candy, etc.  Punk asked me if I wanted to go “shopping” with her and ChickenFried was minding the store.  I agreed, but said I was the kid and Punk was the Mommy.   We had quite the trip to the store ….

I picked a nice piece of Halloween candy and Punk was a bit shocked when she realized I actually planned to eat it vs pretend (it must have been from her stash).  So I decided to play a little bit — I was after all playing the kid and she was the Mommy. 

I asked: Can I eat it now?  Now?  Now?  Now?  When we get to the car?  When we get home?  Can I play the WII when we get home?  Will you read a book later?  Can I have a friend over?  Can I go to a friends house?  When will we ever get to go swimming again?  Can we go see a movie. 

You know – the usually two minute conversation with a child.   ChickenFried and Punk were both rolling on the floor taking the joke quite well.  After they composed themselves ChickenFried checked us out.  After he gave me the total he held up his little piggy bank and said, “would you like to donate a quarter to kids with cancer?”   I realize he probably picked that up from the many shopping trips with Mom where I agree to donate to this or that, but if that’s what he’s taken away from shopping, I’ll buy it!


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