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Family Connection

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This morning before school ChickenFried remembered to clean out his bag, which means things come out of the bag and go onto the kitchen counter.  I noticed one of his papers had a map of New Guinea so I asked if he had learned about it in school.  He said he had.  I explained his Great Grandpa was stationed there in WWII and helped build air fields.  ChickenFried asked if anyone else was in the war.  I told him Papa and Grandpa C were both in the war and were different places, then sent him off to brush his teeth.

Someone I know says you get your best ideas when taking a shower or brushing your teeth because muscle memory goes to work and your mind wanders.  ChickenFried’s mind wandered ….. when he came out he asked if all the grandpas knew we were family during the war.  I said, “no – they didn’t even know each other.” 

His little wheels were working furiously while he put on one sock.  “Because you and Daddy weren’t married yet, right?”

“Yes – we weren’t even born yet.”

Another sock goes on.  “But they all know we’re family now right …. the two grandpas in heaven and Papa?”

“Yes sweetie – they definitely know we are family now.”

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