Harmful to your health?

Posted on February 6, 2011. Filed under: Elemental Memories, Mommy Moments |

Inspiration struck …. maybe a little less inspiration and a little more frustration, and I decided today was the day to reorganize ChickenFried’s closet.  This did mean first cleaning it out.  We found a bunch of old cards and papers so told BigD to get the fire going so I could burn them.  While he did chastise me for putting papers on the top of the fire, he didn’t tell me not to burn anything in my pile …. like the singing cards.

I was about half way through the pile when we heard a very loud pop.  We first looked at the children assuming they had dome something to cause the noise.  Then, another loud pop and two pieces of shrapnel come flying out of the fireplace, bounce off the kitchen counter and land on the floor.   That’s a good 15 feet by my estimation.  Were we “smaller people” I’m sure we could sue someone for not putting a warning label on the card …. “do not burn after use or you could suffer injury or disgusting burning smells in your house.”  But we won’t do that.  Otherwise, they would have to put warnings on about handling carefully to avoid papercuts and other nonsense. 

So, now we know.  Do not burn singing cards, talking cards, cards that sound like mummy farts, or have any mechanical devices what so ever.

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