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I admit it.  I lose things.  In fact, I’m really good at losing things.  Or perhaps I should say I’m really good at not finding them.  I don’t mean to.  It generally happens when there are many things going on at once so where I put my cell phone didn’t really matter at that particular moment.  I obviously knew I was putting it “somewhere safe” at the time so why worry about it, or make a mental note.  Except …… the phone is dead.  And so now when looking for it, it doesn’t ring.  There is no magic handset finder button.  I really wasn’t going to worry about it that much because I’m about due for a new phone, but BigD figured he would make a final pass of the vehicle with a flashlight.  I’m not sure why, but he stopped at my purse.  Now understand, I had literally emptied out the inside of my purse —– twice —– no phone —– anywhere.  But, BigD in a Houdini moment reaches in the side pocket and magically finds my phone.  I never put it in the side pocket.  The only thing I put in the side pocket is my sunglass clips.  I was appropriately chastised ….. and then laughed very hard.

Fast-forward a few days and ChickenFried can’t find his camera battery charger anywhere.  I’ve looked in all the usual spots.  He’s looked in all the usual spots (after last week’s phone performance, I deserve to be double-checked).  I find an online ordering spot and explain we can buy a new one, but he forgoes his allowance for this week.  He decides to look harder.  I tell him to look in the basket with all the Wii stuff.  The first thing he pulls out – camera battery charger.  So, allowance is back on.

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