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While we weren’t quite as in to the Royal wedding as many people, we did enjoy picking up little tidbits here and there.  And let’s face it … it’s been everywhere so it’s tough to miss.  And of course, Punk finds it all very interesting since it involves a very pretty modern-day princess and all.  On one of the shows they had some photos of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding and then showed her now.  Punk stops in her tracks  and says “she’s still alive????!  Oh my gosh – she is sooooooo old.”

I’m so glad the US won their independence because I don’t think our family would make very good royal subjects.  Insulting the queen just doesn’t get you too far.

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I did that?

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I know – I know.  Another long absence.  Stupid life getting in the way of my blogging!  So a few items to catch you up…..

We just took pause to note that our cat, Stoney, is around 13 or 14.   Not that she acts ancient – she’s still pretty darn good for an old lady.  In fact, as of late she has decided to try and sneak out of the house (she is strictly an indoor cat).  Apparently I didn’t notice her sneaking out one night when putting the dogs in.  She is dark gray …. and it was dark out.  So our old cat spent her first night outside at the age of 13.  And survived without a scratch.  We do wish we would have known – so we could have videotaped her adventures!

I had a moment at work.  I was participating an in industry review webinar that included live polling of the participants.  One question came along and I thought, “wow, that’s a really interesting question.”  Then a few moments later I remembered i submitted it.  Again in my defense, they did reword it slightly.  (BigD made me blog this because he pointed out that I always blog about every else’s ‘moments.’)

Last, and absolutely not least, we celebrated BigD’s grandparent’s 70th wedding anniversary.  They are such amazing people – we are so blessed to have them in our family and share in this momentous event.  Thanks and congratuations Gigi and Papa!!

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