The truth …. hurts?

Posted on June 1, 2011. Filed under: Mommy Moments, The Parenting Thing |

Tonight, Punk learned a few lessons ….. ok, hopefully learned a few lessons.  You see, Punk likes to tip her chair.  Yes, I realize every child ( and a few adults) go through this.  And, inevitably, what tips, must fall.  Punk chose tonight to make that happen.   Let me set the scene for you –

Punk has dance practice and tonight is special because they are going through their whole routine on the stage.  This is a big deal.  She’s all snazzed up in her cute purple fairy dance outfit.  But before we go, she needs dinner.  She wants spaghettios.  I hesitate, because as I mentioned, she is in her cute purple fair dance outfit.  I acquiesce and wrap a large dish towel around her to protect the outfit.  She asks if she can sit at the counter in the tall chair and watch cartoons.  Since ChickenFried is at baseball, I again acquiesce realizing she doesn’t get the tv all to herself very often.   Then, while I’m picking up laundry amazingly still on the floor from this am, I hear the crash.  I don’t need to hear the scream to know it’s bad …. I’m already moving to the kitchen.

First I hold her.  Then check her face, and I see some blood coming from her mouth.  Since one our friend’s children recently knocked out her two front teeth, I am thinking the worst.  I inspect everything and determine teeth are firmly in place, but she has a nice gash to the top lip and on her top gum from the counter edge, and a pretty good knock to the cheek.   She will live, but not be very happy about it.  So I make a decision to not sugar coat it.

“Mommy – it’s bleeding.   Baaaaad.”

“Yes honey – it is.  You split your lip and cut your gum.”

“It hurts Mommy.   Baaaaaaaad.”

“Yes honey – it’s going to.  You split your lip and cut your gum.”

“Am I going to have a fat lip.”

“Yes, you already do.  And you’re going to probably have a bruise on your cheek, and your mouth is probably going to hurt.”

“Ok.  (pause)   Can we go to dance practice now?”

“Yes.  But first tell me if you are ever going to tip your chair again.”

“No.  Can we go now?”

I am happy to report there was no spilling of the Spaghettios, or blood, on the cute purple fairy outfit.  She went to practice like a trooper.  She lived through the blood, fat lip, sore cheek and gum, and hopefully will never tip her chair again.


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