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We all have limits to things we can tolerate. 

My whining limit — zero. 

My humidity limit — step outside right now. 

The kids making messes limit and not picking up — please do not come to our house today.

The house falling apart limit: 

Let’s start with last weekend.  Our drinking water faucet at the sink started dripping, then leaking profusely – all within about 20 minutes.  So poor BigD went back to CB, from whence we had just came, to get a replacement.  It was not an easy replacement.  It kept falling apart when we would try to put it together.  But, we finally got it together (after a few swear words and one bruised toe from a crescent wrench hitting it.)  Later that night, after dinner and starting the dishwasher, ChickenFried went down to put the dogs in (see the humidity comment above) and started yelling there was a leak.  Leak?  Try waterfall.  I opened the cabinet under the sink and the dishwasher hose was flying around shooting out water like something out of a comedy routine.  We got things dried up as best we could, but our nice laminate floor is now permanent warped.

Now, this weekend.  Punk stepped on the back of one of our living room chairs and ripped part of it off.  Yes the chair is old, but it works just fine and I’m not into replacing things that work just fine.  Then onto the 2nd load of laundry and an incessant beeping error.  Oh goody – we get to pull the machine out and clean the drain line.  But if that doesn’t work, we get to call a repair man and give him as much money as he asks for.  After discovering the washing machine issue, I need a drink.  No – not alcohol, yet.  Just water.  I use the brand new faucet …. and it falls apart.  We’ll be sure to check the dish washer hose before starting it tonight.

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